RAC celebrates Community Credit Day

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RAC celebrates Community Credit Day


The organization Réseau Accès Crédit (RAC) celebrated in its own way the National Community Credit Day, established in 2009 by the Quebec government, on 11 March.

“In the eastern area of ​​Bas-Saint-Laurent, since 2002, thanks to socially responsible investments and community donations, Réseau Accès Crédit (RAC) supports people with ideas who want to contribute to the development of our beautiful region and take their place in the local economy. Behind every entrepreneur supported by the organization, there is an entire community, “says a press release from the RAC.

The sharing of the Desjardins Apéro Box on the occasion of the National Day of Microcredit allowed in particular to underline the entrepreneurial effervescence. The 171 Epicureans who acquired it allow the organization to pursue its local support mission and deposit the sum of $ 7,170 into the community investment fund.

20 years of commitment

“Affected by the repercussions of COVID-19, entrepreneurs in the region had to show great agility. Through their passion, perseverance and dedication, they have all taken their business to higher levels. Countless hours have been invested in finding solutions. Having not organized an event linked to this Day for some time due to the pandemic context, the formula chosen in collaboration with Desjardins made it possible to reach the entrepreneurs of all the MRCs served by the organization “, observes RAC.

A concrete impact

“Among the initiatives that distinguish Desjardins from other financial institutions is Desjardins micro-credit to businesses. The good results achieved by the program in recent years show that the support provided by Réseau Accès Crédit and the financing offered to entrepreneurs have had a real impact on job creation and socio-economic recovery. To celebrate entrepreneurship, on this day of 11 March, we were happy to offer 39 Desjardins Apéro Boxes free of charge to entrepreneurs who have benefited from the program in the last year “, stresses the director of Desjardins Business, Sophie D. ‘Anjou.

New high

“The partnership with Desjardins also highlights 20 years of commercial reciprocity and commitment between Réseau Accès Crédit and Desjardins in providing local support in the eastern Bas-St-Laurent region. Often times, a difficult economic environment causes a surge in entrepreneurship. In the course of the year that is drawing to a close, our technical and financial support has been in demand more than ever. First, to support active entrepreneurs in their various reflections and analyzes. Then, to support those who have decided to make the leap into entrepreneurship “, adds the general manager, Francis Chouinard.

As evidence, in the last fiscal year ending March 31, the organization’s board of directors approved 22 funding applications for a total of $ 278,511 across 18 projects. With this new funding granted, the organization has exceeded the million dollars invested since its creation, “said Djanick Michaud, President of RAC.

Strong progress

The demand for RAC services is growing rapidly. To meet this growing demand and highlight 20 years of contribution to entrepreneurs, a great campaign with the theme “I start HERE, contribute to the dreams of HERE!” it was launched last September and will peak in September 2022. The ultimate goal is to raise $ 50,000 from the general public and businesses in the area to recapitalize the community investment fund and fulfill more entrepreneurial dreams.

The activity was made possible thanks to the contribution of several partners including Desjardins, Ardoise grocery store, Énergie 98.7, 102.9 Rouge, Journal Le Soir, MicroAge, Le Ketch – microbrasserie du Littoral, Le Garde-Manger aux Bois Clair, the Fromagerie du Littoral, Racine et Cie Bakery and Le Farinographe.

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