Quebecor Millenium Program: focus on entrepreneurship in all its forms at UdeM

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Quebecor Millenium Program: focus on entrepreneurship in all its forms at UdeM


Entrepreneurship is often associated with technological innovations with strong market potential, but there are many areas – some even unsuspected – where it would benefit from further development.

Entrepreneurship is one of the ways that graduates have an influence on the world around them. It is precisely with the aim of promoting entrepreneurship in all its forms that the Université de Montréal will implement the Millénium Québecor program, which will be offered to all its faculties thanks to a donation from the Fondation Chopin-Péladeau and Quebecor.

Intended to support the emergence of a new generation of entrepreneurs, the Millennium Quebecor program will meet a very real need within the student community. In fact, a survey conducted in 2019 by UdeM revealed that 30% of respondents expressed the desire and desire to create their own business linked to their field of study.

Acquire entrepreneurial skills

“The Millénium Québecor program, which will be launched in the coming months and will span several years, has three distinct components that overlap with each other: awareness of entrepreneurship, training and support for start-ups,” explains Chantal Pharand, vice president – Rector for Business and Student Success.

Initially, various outreach activities will target students and research groups to make them aware of the possibility that their academic skills can be put to use in an entrepreneurial or community context. These activities will be extended to CEGEP and secondary schools.

In terms of training, various existing courses on entrepreneurship will be enhanced so that they can be offered in faculties. Additionally, the University will establish more comprehensive study paths such as a minor in entrepreneurship which can be combined with an undergraduate or any other undergraduate or graduate degree program.

“We can imagine music students wishing to kickstart their careers, majoring in their discipline and completing their course with a minor in entrepreneurship, or even people with a pharmacy degree wishing to acquire the necessary knowledge to eventually run their own pharmacy,” illustrates Yves Joanette, vice rector of research.

Finally, the Millénium Québecor program will offer support for business startup and growth, which can take the form of financial assistance, “but also and above all mentoring support that will be provided by our graduates who, together, have a wealth of experience. and knowledge they can share, both through entrepreneur clubs and by networking with other established companies across Quebec, ”adds Chantal Pharand.

An entrepreneurial culture already in place

The activities offered by the Millénium Québecor program will add to those of the Entrepreneurship Center of the Université de Montréal, which is already active in the community and which has enabled dozens of new businesses to set up their own.

This is the case in particular of Puzzle Medical Devices, which has developed a minimally invasive and biocompatible heart pump, of VocaVie, a non-profit organization that offers vocal stimulation activities to overcome difficulties with speech or communication, and Myelin, an application which uses artificial intelligence to make scientific information on mental health accessible.

Endless possibilities!

The Millennium Quebecor program will be accessible to students who want to start a business, but also to staff members, researchers and graduates who wish to contribute to the socio-economic development of Quebec today and tomorrow. .

If in some disciplines entrepreneurship is often the way to go – think of law, which can lead to the creation of law or notary offices, optometry or dentistry, where graduates are likely to open their own offices – others training paths, sometimes unsuspected, can lead to careers focused on entrepreneurship.

In any case, students who have or will discover an entrepreneurial streak will now be able to turn to the Millennium Quebecor program, which will offer plural training rooted in the University’s study programs.

“There are many people who are thinking of starting a business and we are convinced that in the future the program will be snowballing, concludes Ms.myself Pharand and M. Joanette. It will make it possible to promote, in a responsible way, the knowledge acquired by our students, who will have all the necessary tools to leave an indelible mark both on the labor market and within society itself “.

To find out more about the donation, read our press release.

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