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Patrice Bégay, Big Tour 2022, entrepreneurship and employment


The Big Tour sees more and more and becomes a traveling festival this year. Why ?

Patrice Begay : After three years of growth and success, the Big Tour must transform itself and, above all, embody even more strongly the ambition of Bpifrance, which is to restore the desire and pride of entrepreneurship in France. We are the bank for all entrepreneurs – start-ups, VSEs, SMEs and ETIs – in all territories. It was therefore logical that this great tour of French entrepreneurs would stop in all the regions of France and no longer only on the coasts as in previous years, especially since the presidents of the regions were able to observe a strong will from the decision-producers and local elected officials. to host this event.

What are the ambitions of this edition?

PB : The ambition we have set ourselves for 2022 is to show all the support that Bpifrance provides to French companies and entrepreneurs, by promoting the France 2030 plan aimed at bringing out the champions of tomorrow – in the digital, green industry, in biotechnology, agriculture, hydrogen, batteries, health … But also by accelerating companies, so that our VSEs become SMEs and our SMEs, ETIs. We also emphasize the feminization of entrepreneurship, as well as internationalization, strengthening of key sectors for our economic sovereignty, as well as networking with Bpifrance Excellence. In short, in this period of exit from the health crisis, we are doubling on entrepreneurship and employment, with the ambition of doubling the number of entrepreneurs. To do this, we try to release creative energies by giving confidence to those who want to undertake and encouraging vocations, while offering education and jobs that are inclusive and respectful of the environment.

What will a typical Big Tour day be like?

PB : Every day, as part of the Vive ta ville program, he will first give the floor to many living forces of the territories: entrepreneurs, farmers, restaurateurs, local hoteliers, elected officials, in short, all those and those who build the local economy and give vent to own creativity. There are indeed a large number of unknown heroes and heroines who deserve recognition! Then, the village of innovation and work, which extends over 4000 square meters, will aim to create experiences, enhance the management of talents and highlight the social and environmental responsibility of companies, be they local, national or international. In total, 16 spaces will allow you to discover the innovations of all Bpifrance communities, thanks to fun and intergenerational events, to inspire our young people to enter the industry. For example, we can enter the heart of a rocket or immerse ourselves in a production plant. There will also be activities to raise awareness of young people on climate issues, familiarizing them, for example, with the reconditioning of connected devices. And above all, great news this year, we will have a space dedicated to work and training, where each participant will be able to redo their CV, consult offers and apply, as well as meet the HRDs.

Furthermore, the Big Tour will be an opportunity to highlight Bpifrance’s partner sports clubs, which are also actors in the local economy. The launch of the Strasbourg Big Tour was attended by ASPTT Mulhouse (volleyball), the women’s handball club Metz and the basketball club SIG Strasbourg. Finally, the evenings will end with a great concert with singers, comedians, dancers … From the kick-off in Strasbourg, talents such as Casanova, Victoria Adamo, Terence and Flo Malley or the LEJ group will take the stage to celebrate the French Tocca , this French way of life.

Could you name some companies present at the launch in Strasbourg?

PB : Industrial equipment manufacturer Norcan, the support networks of France Active and Initiative France, the Grand Est region, local media such as DNA and Alsace, just to name a few …. know that in 2021, in the Grand-Est , Bpifrance supported 4,663 companies with € 4.4 billion in loans. More than 400 regional companies have been assisted in exporting and more than 400 local business creators have been supported.

What participation do you expect for this great tour of 2022?

PB : Since the tour has existed, tens of thousands of visitors have come to take part in the Big Tour, both face-to-face and digitally. And if digital saved us during the pandemic and will remain essential, I believe that people want to find the physical event and come together.

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The stages of the Big Tour 2022

Saturday 05 March: Strasbourg

Wednesday 20 April: Bordeaux

Friday 22 April: Toulouse

Tuesday 26 April: Montpellier

Friday 29 April: Beauval Zoo

Thursday 26 May: Tourcoing

Saturday 28 May: Berck sur Mer

Thursday 16 June: Reims

Saturday 18 June: Dijon

Monday 20 June: Lyon

Wednesday 22 June: Grenoble

Saturday 25 June: Ajaccio

Wednesday 29 June: Aix-en-Provence

Saturday 2 July: La Londe les Maures

Monday 4th July: Savines le Lac

Wednesday 6 July: Narbonne

Friday 8 July: Vieux-Boucau

Sunday 10 July: Biscarrosse

Sunday 21 August: Les Sables d’Olonne

Monday 22nd August: Pornic

Wednesday 24 August: Vannes

Thursday 25 August: Perros-Guirec

Saturday 27 August: Fécamp

Tuesday 13 September: Châteauroux

Thursday 15 September: Le Mans

Saturday 17 September: Trouville

Sunday 18 September: Etaples sur Mer

Tuesday 20 September: Ile-de-France