Give young people a taste for risk and entrepreneurship!

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Give young people a taste for risk and entrepreneurship!


From popular neighborhoods to more privileged environments, entrepreneurship must be accessible to all young people. This message needs to be hammered for them in order to unleash initiatives and cultivate a taste for entrepreneurship in them.

For this, it must be taught very early, integrating workshops into school curricula and meetings with entrepreneurs. We talk to young people about businesses, about those that have been successful and those that have failed.

Give impetus to the aspirations of the younger generations

A recent survey conducted by Opinion Way shows that, for 73% of French people, starting a business should be beneficial to society. Many young people express a desire to respond to environmental and social issues through innovation. By creating their own project, they can respond to these challenges and create their own working conditions and respond to current labor market trends.

The development of entrepreneurship among young people would thus make it possible to lower the unemployment rate and wage insecurity that they may encounter after their studies. Training young people in entrepreneurship is a godsend, both individually and collectively. It is an essential link in our economy that we are building now.

Incorporate an “entrepreneurship” sequence into college programs

In France, entrepreneurship still comes only late as an option in the minds of young people. As the latest INSEE data on business creation show, the average age of the creator is 35, which is (too) late. To lower this average it is necessary to integrate sequences of entrepreneurship from the college since that is where the school courses are divided. Either an apprenticeship or a baccalaureate. In both cases, these paths can lead to the creation of a business. As entrepreneurs, all businesses are possible. Whether you want to create a start up or have the project to create your business in the craft sector. What is important is to raise awareness, train and guide young people towards entrepreneurship and appropriate high school or high school courses. How many high school students are familiar with the P├ępite France program? Since 2014 it has supported higher education students who wish to become entrepreneurs. These programs and courses must be part of their orientation to create the entrepreneurial fiber in young people, in an egalitarian way, well before the baccalaureate.

The same goes for students in learning. A record number of apprenticeship contracts were signed in 2021: almost 720,000, of which 700,000 in the private sector. A chance for our economy! Indeed, becoming self-employed is what young people can claim at the end of their training. With their diploma in hand, they can start their own craft business to realize their full potential, pursue their craft and stimulate the local economy. We must therefore give them the means to achieve this and ensure that these young people have all the knowledge and tools that will enable them to set up their own business after completing their apprenticeship.

It is only by trying, even at the cost of failure, that you can create a long-term business. Young people must be able to give free rein to their inventiveness and exploit their taste for risk thanks to adequate training from an early age. And to free up the initiatives definitively, in addition to training, all young people could be assigned a SIRET number when they reach the age of majority. This is what will give them a real opportunity to wonder very early about setting up their business and allow them to take the plunge much easier.

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