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French Tech Tremplin, a program for a more inclusive ecosystem


“A few years ago I thought about going to the United States to carry out my project. Now I think France is one of the best countries to start. ” . Winner of French Tech Springboard program, Titouan Parand, 27, has transformed his passion for sport into technological innovation. Two years ago he created Section X, a digital solution that makes life easier for sporting event organizers. With French technology Trampolinehe was able to move from ideation to business creation, to dredge up the French market.

Aware of lack of diversity within itMission French Tech, the administration in charge of supporting the development of the ecosystem of French startups launched, in 2019, a program called French technological springboardaimed at increasing the possibilities of populations hitherto underrepresented in the business environment, explains Charlotte Jestin, Executive Director of French technology Greater Paris. For this reason, our goal is in particular to compensate for the lack of information, capital and training for all these talents who have different backgrounds ”.

And Clara Chappaz, director of the French Technology Mission, added: ” French Tremplin technology is essential for the development of our ecosystem. The acceleration of gender balance and diversity, allowing less represented profiles to implement their own project, to be supported, offering them access to the French technological network is a strong axis of our roadmap. ” As proof that things are changing, the 2022 class of French Tech Tremplin has 34% of women nationwide, while, according to the Femmes @ Numériques association, in 2020, women still accounted for less than a quarter of the workforce in digital professions (23%).

Funded by the Investments for the Future (PIA) program, piloted by the state, for an amount of ten million euros over three years, The program takes place in two phases: the “Prepa”, intended for emerging projects, to all students or former students with scholarships based on social criteria, refugees recognized by the OFPRA, but also talented from rural revitalization zones (ZRR), districts of the nation, recipients of social minimums and residents of priority districts of the city (QPV). Second step, based on the same criteria: the “Incubation”, offering winning companies a scholarship of 30,000 euros and top-of-the-range coaching with one of the 149 Partner incubators of French Tech, in France and overseas.

“We don’t want an ecosystem that closes in on itself”

The purpose is threefold for French Tech: to bring out role models to show all profiles that can be successful in entrepreneurship. But also to enrich the world of startups with more diversified projects, which identify other unknown or too little explored issues. ” We don’t want an ecosystem that closes in on itself ” , Charlotte Jestin insists. ” However, we understand that many of the talents of the French technical program Tremplin carries out projects with a very strong impact, in particular social, but also very anchored to the territories, which we absolutely want to support for what they can bring positive to society ” . And finally, to introduce the attractive professions of French Tech, ” accessible to all, as long as they demonstrate agility, creativity and resilience “.

The 2022 vintage will put even more emphasis the good practices of incubators in favor of inclusion, underlines Charlotte Jestin: ” For example, we have organized the onboarding of season 2 a Willa, who militates for diversity in entrepreneurship, and we have accompanied incubators with Mozaik HRa recruiting and consulting firm specializing in the inclusion of diversity talents “.

The objective therefore is not so much to bring out innovations as to provide all the keys and all the codes to be undertaken: to transform one’s bankruptcy relationship; dare; present your project; get rid of the impostor syndrome; know how to surround yourself; build a team; to communicate; try ; then try again, again. And finally, to integrate these profiles into the ecosystem in a sustainable way.

This is what Yao Fanny Baelongandi, interpreter and translator, founder ofEnglish for realan innovative method of language training, winner of the French tech Tremplin 2021: “I intend to continue this relationship with French Tech, which has allowed me to give space to something that was only in the making in my mind.” The Tremplin program also and above all allowed him to dream even bigger. ” I am very ambitious. In a few years I see myself competing with the largest on the market “.

The meeting of paradoxes

According to the thesis conducted in 2019 by sociologist and researcher Marion Flécher, “From access inequalities to successful inequalities: survey on startup founders” , three-quarters of the founders of French startups come from a Grande Ecole. And only 10% of these companies have a woman on the management team. As for employment, the digital sector has a large pool of job vacancies, with some players in the sector even engaged in a real talent hunt. Even if the priority neighborhoods (the famous QPV) suffer from “excess unemployment”: 23.4%, or three times more than the neighboring neighborhoods, according to the 2018 analysis of the National Observatory of Urban Policies (ONPV). It may be time for these paradoxes to meet.

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