Entrepreneurship: More and more employees are becoming entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurship: More and more employees are becoming entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurs are most often employees. Their main motivation is the desire to be independent. Furthermore, these entrepreneurs are less experienced in their field of activity, but more qualified.

In the first half of 2018, business creators (excluding micro-entrepreneurs) were more often employees (37%). Their share has increased significantly since 2014 (+7 points). The desire to be independent and to strongly develop their business, in fact, are the main motivations of business creators in 2018.

Entrepreneurs are less experienced but more educated

This was revealed by an INSEE publication on Tuesday 15 March on business creation in Reunion in 2018. Is the Reunionese turning more and more to entrepreneurship? This, despite many of them claiming to face difficulties in starting their own business.

Business creators in 2018 are also less experienced in their field of activity than those who created their own business in 2014: only 37% of them have more than 10 years of experience, compared to 44% in 2014 and nationally in 2018.

The business creators of 2018 in Reunion are more qualified than those of 2014. However, only 28% are graduates of the 2nd or 3rd cycle of higher education, a share that remains well below the national average (41%) .

A quarter of trade-oriented companies

In 2018, 6,600 enterprises were created in all sectors of the non-agricultural market in Réunion, including 5,060 enterprises outside the micro-entrepreneur regime. Corporate creations have shown dynamism on the island since 2016, after declining between 2010 and 2015.

Almost a quarter of the businesses created in Reunion in 2018 were in the trade sector, a share that remains significantly higher on the island than on the national one (23% against 18%). On the other hand, business start-ups in specialized, scientific and technical activities are less frequent.

The percentage of female entrepreneurs is slightly increasing

Only 32% of business creators were women in 2018, a slight increase compared to 2014 (29%). They are slightly more numerous than nationally. However, women account for two thirds of business creators in the human health and social work sector and half in personal services and education.

Projects that start with small financial means

More and more entrepreneurs on the island are starting their project with small financial means. In Reunion, 48% of business creators embarked on their project with less than 4,000 euros, a higher share than in 2014.

The creators of 2018 are much less likely than those of 2014 to set up their project without any support: 27% versus 48%. This share is just above the national average. For half of the creators, the main support received is that of their personal entourage.


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