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Entrepreneurship: full support for start-ups


By Rachid Al Arbi on 03/10/2022 at 23:46

Kiosk360. Young businesses regularly face a lack of support. To help them, the BCP Group’s Business Creation Foundation (FCE) and the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services (CCIS) are launching a tailor-made program. This article is a press review from Les Inspirations ECO newspaper.


Business mortality has never been as high as it has been in two years. Ecological inspirationsin its edition of the day, it estimates that in 2021 no less than 10,556 companies have definitively lowered the curtain. This is a 59% jump from the previous year.

In addition to covid-19, “some failures are the result of internal company events,” he explains. In fact, he states that “many more or less young companies disappear every year due to serious managerial financial difficulties” knowing that they are “less than 5% to be accompanied or supported by tutors”.

The King’s instructions aimed at promoting entrepreneurship have in this sense allowed the commercialization of a product that allows project leaders, self-entrepreneurs and VSEs in the region to benefit from the free support of pre- and post-creation experts, intensive coaching and training on measure. It is the result of the partnership between the BCP Group’s Business Creation Foundation and the Casablanca-Settat Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services (CCIS).

As the newspaper indicates, these are the project leaders as well as the AE or TPE who justify less than five years of existence and a turnover of less than 10 MDH excluding taxes, in all areas except deep sea fishing and real estate development, which are eligible. “Registration is open from 10 to 31 March 2022 via an electronic form,” he explains.

According to the same source, it is a question of “establishing through this call for projects aimed at VSE, AE, self-entrepreneurs and EIGs, a first promotion that will benefit from a very rich end-to-end support program in terms of service, ranging from from raising awareness on the business plan, to the legal choices of creation, to administrative procedures, but also on Intilaka loans “.

Added to this is “an assistance program to provide all necessary assistance in developing business plans and coaching for eligibility for funding programs”. As for the post-creation support, within this program, which will be articulated over a period of time exceeding 18 months, “it should allow newly established companies to perpetuate their business through training sessions on management in general. , invitations to seminars “to” help young business leaders improve their business flow. “

Ecological inspirations he is convinced that this “new program has corrected a number of anomalies compared to previous funding editions such as the Crédit Jeunes Promoteurs, where the financial aspect predominated without any real consideration of the importance of mentoring”. He claims that the number of companies that will be enrolled in this program has not been specified. But he says it will depend on the interest that the main targets will bring to this offer.

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