Entrepreneurs, the six free programs you need to know to empower your projects

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Entrepreneurs, the six free programs you need to know to empower your projects


32.3% of businesses in France were created by women in 2021, according to the Infogreffe barometer published on March 8. Just 10% of them lead or co-direct a tech start-up. To remove the brakes, the organizers and incubators of the competition are launching 100% women’s programs.

“It is very difficult to develop a business and even more difficult for women, justifies Flore Egnell, general delegate of Willa, the Parisian accelerator dedicated to diversity in technology. Integrating the programs dedicated to them allows you to get out of isolation, to break the glass ceiling, to meet stimulating models, to exchange without taboos and without fear of being judged. “

Here are six free trips that support women in building their businesses.

1 – The Bold

This is the historical program of La Ruche, a national network of impact incubators located in 12 cities in France. Launched in 2014, Les Audacieuses has already accompanied more than 130 women.

For who ? From 15 to 20 women with an innovative project with a social or environmental impact, being conceived or implemented less than 18 months ago.

What purpose? To move from an idea to a structured project and win the first contracts. The emphasis is on posture, transversal skills useful for success, the means to overcome the impostor syndrome, design thinking … The program is either collective – seminars, thematic workshops led by business experts or the initiative of the porters of projects – and individualized. Each woman is supported by an experienced entrepreneur and a La Ruche reference coach.

Its duration? 9 months.

Where does it take place? In Paris and Bordeaux.

When to apply? End of August 2022 on the La-ruche.net/les-audacieuses/ website

2 – The ambitious

This is the other course offered by La Ruche (see above). So far 23 women have benefited.

For who ? For 10 Tech for Good startuppers: sustainable agriculture, ecological transition, education, health or solidarity. Past winners include Anne-Claire Chanvin for Les Apprêtés and Charlotte Darmet for Opopop.

What purpose? Develop the turnover and consolidate the economic model of the company, thanks to seminars on commercial negotiation, acquisition strategy, financing, pitch … But also workshops, networking with experts, diagnosis on targeted needs, tutoring with expert actors: Jean Moreau, co-founder of Phenix, Nathan Labat, CEO of the La Fourche site, etc.

Where does it take place? It is followed from afar. The collective times take place in Paris, the trip is covered by the incubator. Free access to a part-time office is possible in one of the 12 co-working places in La Ruche.

Its duration? 9 months.

When to apply? Before March 27, 2022 on the La-ruche.net/les-ambitieuses-tech-for-good/ website

3 – The sprinters

This program, created in 2016, is piloted by the Willa incubator (formerly Paris Pionnières) in collaboration with Le Tremplin, FDJ and the city of Paris.

For who ? For 5 startuppers with an innovative and scalable project in the field of sport. The company does not need to be created to participate in the program. Among the former winners is Maude Baudier for Les Bornées.

What purpose? To validate the first market assumptions, master the legal framework, define a communication strategy, find the best business model, test ideas and prototypes. Willa offers group workshops and individual meetings with business experts, moments of empowerment ” gaining trust, autonomy and sharing successes, helping each other… The incubator also trains pitching sprinters who then wish to apply for Tremplin, the first incubator in the world for start-ups dedicated to sport.

Its duration? 6 months.

Where does it take place? He is followed at a distance and physically in Paris.

When to apply? Prior to June 2022 on the Hellowilla.co/programmes/les-sprinteuses/ website

4 – Guided by her

Founded in 2014 by the Italian-American Chiara Condi, Led By Her is the first association in France to offer “Professional reconstruction through entrepreneurship” women victims of violence. 200 of them have already taken part in this program.

For who ? From 10 to 30 vulnerable women and victims of violence whether they are employees, in retraining or looking for work, with an idea or a business project with a social impact.

What purpose? To develop leadership, increase confidence, active listening, emotional intelligence, motivation, creativity … and train in entrepreneurship. The program is based on personal development workshops, mentoring and personalized coaching. The entrepreneurial part is provided by speakers from CEFAIRE, a training center for adult victims of violence, and IPAG Business School.

Its duration? 5 months for workshops and entrepreneurship, minimum 10 months for mentoring.

Where does it take place? From a distance and face to face in Paris at La Cité Audacieuse or in the association’s partner premises.

When to applyehm? The dates will appear on the Ledbyher.org website in June 2022.

5 – Scholarship for female founders

It is one of the thirty support programs of Station F, the famous Parisian incubator with 1,000 start-ups, conceived by Xavier Niel and directed by Roxanne Varza. This Women Founders Scholarship is supported by Goldman Sachs.

For who ? From 15 to 20 startuppers already present on campus and judged by Station F as the most promising. The incubator has just unveiled the members of the third edition of the program. Among them, Flitter’s Hajer Gorgi and Nomadher’s Hyojeong Kim.

What purpose? To accelerate the business of projects, strengthen the personal branding of the founders and their networking with the partners relevant to them, to highlight them during the events so that they themselves become role models.

Where does it take place? In Paris.

Its duration? From 6 months to a year.

When to apply? Selection is handled by Station F at the end of each year.

6 – Flowering

Launched in 2021 by the Force Femmes association, which helps people in their forties get out of unemployment, this annual program is supported by the Ministry responsible for equality between women and men.

For who ? For 10 designers over 40 whose company has been operating for more than 3 years, whatever the sector.

What purpose? To accelerate development, raise funds, strengthen digital presence, open international markets, learn to become “patron”. Les Bloomeuses relies on experts and mentors of all ages and disciplines: startuppers, financial analysts, bankers … who work in a wide variety of companies and sectors.

Where does it take place? In the offices of Image Sept in Paris and via videoconference, depending on the availability of tutors and experts.

Its duration? 100 days.

When to apply? From October 2022 on the Forcefemmes.com/bloom-by-force-femmes/ website

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