DRC: entrepreneurship in the academic world, 34 project ideas selected by the Kinshasa Innovation Center

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DRC: entrepreneurship in the academic world, 34 project ideas selected by the Kinshasa Innovation Center


Thirty-four (34) students whose design ideas were selected by the Kinshasa Innovation Center (KIC), a program supported by the Swiss Embassy, ​​which encourages young people to start businesses.

After a rigorous selection process that involved 112 applications spread across various fields, the names of the winners were unveiled on Thursday 10 March 2022, during a ceremony organized in the Monekosso classroom of the University of Kinshasa.

According to the agenda of the Kinshasa Innovation Center, 34 young project leaders with economic potential will benefit from coaching for three to four months in order to fully bond and master their project.

After this first phase, the selected students will be welcomed in incubation under the supervision of the National Agency for the Development of Congolese Entrepreneurship (ANADEC). And this, from six to eight months.

Born from the ashes of the Office for the Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises (OPEC), ANADEC is the governing mechanism for the implementation of the “Capacity” component in accordance with the National Program for the Development of Entrepreneurship in Congo (PRONADEC) .

Effective from October
2021, ANADEC supports project leaders by offering them information, training and advice on entrepreneurship.

Present at these meetings, the Director General of ANADEC, Ezéchiel Biduaya, had the opportunity to present the theme entitled: “ANADEC faces the challenges of entrepreneurship. Problems and perspectives.

“It is now recognized that Congolese youth face enormous challenges that threaten to jeopardize their development as human beings and their legitimate aspiration for social well-being,” he said.

Among these challenges, he identified two, namely underemployment and unemployment.

Ezéchiel Biduaya who recalls the data of the recent survey 1,2,3 of the National Institute of Statistics, unemployment affects 37% of young people aged 20 to 24 at the city level against 28.4% of young people between 15 and 30 years Years. Underemployment accounts for over 70% in youth circles.

Faced with these great challenges, the Director General of ANADEC, Ezéchiel Biduaya, reiterated the need to change the paradigms.

“You have to have one foot in the public and one in business so that when you finish your schooling you find yourself with two feet in entrepreneurship and not two feet at home unemployed,” he said. she-she preached to an audience consisting mostly of students.

For Ezéchiel Biduaya, “as long as there are challenges, as long as there are opportunities”. This is why he supports the idea that “the Congolese must be encouraged to consider entrepreneurship as the main road to professional integration”.

With a population made up of 66% of young people, the Democratic Republic of the Congo is an entrepreneurial desert while the country has all the potential for a safe world.

“There is barely 1 company for every 9,000 inhabitants in the Democratic Republic of the Congo,” he chastised.

Following the approach of the client (objective), ANADEC takes sides in the field, in a strategy of proximity, as here at the University of Kinshasa, to sensitize students to entrepreneurship.

In its ten-year vision, ANADEC aims to promote the creation of 1.5 million businesses capable of generating 5 million direct jobs and 15 million indirect jobs.

Since the informality rate is too high, ANADEC also has the task of bringing at least 500,000 companies still operating in the informal sector back into the formal system.



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