Applications for the Bridge (Schoolab x UC Berkeley) are open!

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Applications for the Bridge (Schoolab x UC Berkeley) are open!


Why should we do The Bridge?

The Bridge is a program that allows you to learn entrepreneurship in a different way thanks to Schoolab. In addition, during the semester at UC Berkeley, students will have the opportunity to meet the greatest innovators, as well as visit the ecosystems in which they thrive (Google, Tesla, LinkedIn, Meta, Apple …). “For example, in the Equitable Design Lab course, our group helps Google engineers make their products more accessible to people with disabilities, a real challenge! ” highlighted Andrea Melland.

This 11-month program co-developed by Schoolab and UC Berkeley puts experiential learning at the heart of its pedagogy and covers 3 essential aspects of becoming an informed innovator: entrepreneurship, innovative leadership and impact.

“Each course project allows us to build and develop our creativity with students from different backgrounds and high-level experts” Explain Andréa Meilland, current UC Berkeley student. “In addition, the program offers the opportunity to build a diverse and active network and to discover different ways of approaching entrepreneurship. The Bridge is about stimulating encounters, great cohesion, valuable feedback, advice and a completely different vision of the world around us. “

On his side, Ludivine Rateladds a Bridge student Being part of the Bridge program allows you to fully immerse yourself in entrepreneurship for one year : it is a great opportunity to meet many very inspiring students, entrepreneurs and professors and to evolve in a very stimulating environment that encourages us to test ideas and projects. ”

The procedure for signing up for Bridge!

To complement the Le Bridge program, there is a preselection to then archive personality interviews with the Schoolab teaching team and the directors of UC Berkeley’s entrepreneurship and technology center (the SCET).

Parts to be supplied:

  • An updated CV
  • A cover letter (in English)

Hours of hiring:

  • Deadline for receipt of applications : Friday 22 April
  • Oral selection with Schoolab : Week of May 9th
  • Oral selection with UC Berkeley : Week of May 16th
  • Announcement of results : Friday 27 May

5 key things to know about Le Bridge:

  • 11 months of training across three countries including 1 semester at UC Berkeley
  • Over 220 trained students and 50 incubated startups
  • 18 million euros raised by the startups born within the program
  • 2 innovative impact courses delivered on the Equitable Design Lab and Deplastify the Planet campus
  • An official certificate in entrepreneurship and innovation from UC Berkeley

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