a unique chair in France “Family Entrepreneurship and Society”.

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a unique chair in France “Family Entrepreneurship and Society”.


An expert in the field of family entrepreneurship since its creation in 2013, the Audencia Family & Society Entrepreneurship Chair is about to celebrate its 10th anniversary. A long-term success made possible thanks to a team of quality teachers, which the Nantes Business School intends to continue for many years in support of the leaders of the family businesses of tomorrow.

An avant-garde chair in its field of expertise

Within higher education, a Chair allows you to promote a discipline through the implementation of research work and the transmission of this knowledge. As a bridge between the academic world and the economic world, the Chair is aimed at a wide audience, be they students, professors-researchers, but also actors from the business world.

Thanks to its ten years of experience, the Audencia Family & Society Entrepreneurship Chair is now considered the French competence center of reference in the field of family entrepreneurship.

The missions of the Chair of Family Entrepreneurship and Society

In addition to the research work carried out within the Chair on entrepreneurial families and family entrepreneurship, it also aims to disseminate knowledge through training cycles.

Since 2014, the Chair has offered the Future Family Business Leader course, launched in collaboration with CIC Ouest. A pioneer in this area of ​​training, the center of expertise is currently forming its eighth promotion on issues of legitimacy, leadership, change management and conflict management.

In parallel, the Chair launched the National Observatory of Family Entrepreneurship in 2019 in collaboration with the Family Business Network France (FBN), implemented by Opinion Way. The objective of this national survey, carried out every two years on a representative sample of family and non-family businesses, is to better understand the entrepreneurial levers of family businesses in order to define, in particular, what are the challenges and the different evolutions in terms of performance, innovation and corporate culture.

A team of teachers supported by patrons

Thanks to a multidisciplinary teaching team made up of internationally renowned professors, the Chair has been developing award-winning research at international conferences for many years, adapting to the challenges of family businesses and providing concrete solutions to managers, their families and their employees.

“In our center we welcome faculty-researchers, consultancy specialists and consultants. All specialize in family entrepreneurship, innovation or CSR. Through our business, we would like to thank our supporters who support us today: CIC Ouest, Crédit Mutuel Equity , and the Mousset Group, allow us to animate this unique ecosystem around research and the transmission of knowledge “, reports Miruna Radu-Lefebvre, founder and holder of the Chair of Entrepreneurship and Family Society.

Although family businesses remain the most widespread form of business in France today, the Chair of Family Entrepreneurship and Society wishes to continue its research and teaching work by supporting new generations in the field of family entrepreneurship. To achieve this, project managers are currently looking for new partners who would like to take part in this unique research and educational adventure in France.

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