High prices and suffering Americans are not a bug but a feature for the establishment

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High prices and suffering Americans are not a bug but a feature for the establishment


Well, the establishment is doing it again. As author Julia Song tweeted: “Sh*t is so fake that the minute an outsider took office we got cheap gas, cheap food, became energy independent, no wars and focused on our country’s own issues. Establishment hacks get back in and we have inflation, medical tyranny, world war 3, need to take a mortgage for gas.”

Yes, the record of those establishment hacks seems pretty bad. Of course, that assumes they want cheap gas, cheap food, energy independence and to promote America’s interests. There’s every reason to think the opposite: We’re not getting cheap gas, cheap food, energy independence, etc. because that’s not what the establishment wants. What we’re getting is what the establishment does want; if we don’t like it, tough.

Don’t take my word for it, ask the establishment. In 2008, President Barack Obama’s science advisor, Steven Chu, told The Wall Street Journal, “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.” Well, we’ve got that now, more or less. The establishment doesn’t like cheap gas, because it encourages ordinary Americans to drive, fly, heat their homes and generally enjoy life.

Steven Chu
President Barack Obama’s energy advisor Steven Chu had told The Wall Street Journal that gas prices in the US need to be as high as Europe’s.
Cliff Owen

The planet can’t afford such extravagances – though mysteriously it can afford the executive jets and extensive travel schedules of the American political class and tech oligarchs. They don’t mind high prices because they can always pay them. They just don’t want everyone else to enjoy a high-living globe-trotting lifestyle.

(Struggling with an hour commute as you try to feed your family and pay skyrocketing utility bills, and now gasoline bills, for your drive to work? Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg says just trade in your 15-year-old Honda for a new electric car Sure, the cheapest electric car will cost you at least $30,000, but hey, you’ll be getting in line with the establishment’s plan to force people into electric cars.)

EPA Chief Michael Regan bragged that the administration is using high gas prices to force a shift to electric cars and other “zero emission” technologies.

President Joe Biden
President Joe Biden has said he can’t do anything about high gas prices, but he has blocked the Keystone Pipeline.
Alex Brandon

President Joe Biden risibly claimed that presidents can’t do anything about oil prices, but his administration has been systematically attacking oil extraction and development since he took office. Biden shut down the Keystone Pipeline (even as he approved Putin’s Nord Stream 2 Pipeline from Russia to Europe), blocked exploration leases on federal land, sharply restricted fracking and placed onerous restrictions on the oil industry.

Likewise, under the name of “Environmentally Sensitive Governance,” big investment firms, banks and other entities have waged economic war on the oil industry. In response Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich has launched an antitrust investigation of collusion against the energy sector. “Wall Street banks and money managers are bragging about their coordinated efforts to choke off investment in energy,” he charges. “It’s nearly impossible to raise money to explore for oil and gas right now.”

Expensive food is also on the menu. For years, activists, environmentalists and “sustainability” gurus have been telling us that food is too cheap, encouraging waste. Well, the establishment is fixing that, too: With prices for fuel and fertilizer going up, prices for food are skyrocketing. In a reprise of the ugly Jimmy Carter years, inflation is taking off, and ordinary Americans are having to choose between eating, heating their homes and fueling their cars. Steaks are no longer for the little people – you’ll eat beans and rice and like it.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg
Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has encouraged Americans to buy expensive electric cars as they struggle with high gas prices.
Susan Walsh

Meanwhile restaurants in Washington, DC, catering to politicos and lobbyists, serve $100+ Wagyu because of course they do.

Housing, including rents, is also rocketing up. People who used to live on their own now need to take in roommates, or renters.

If you sum up the establishment’s goals, social and environmental, they basically involve making most of the citizenry live poorer, more constrained lives. The excuses for doing so shift, but the policies remain the same.

Americans are also seeing food prices go up.
Eric Risberg

With midterms coming, of course, they’re trying to distract people. Though gas prices have been rising more or less since the day Biden was installed, soaring long before Vladimir Putin’s Ukraine invasion, the establishment is now blaming him for the price hikes.

When asked what the Democrats would do to lower prices, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries responded “that issue hasn’t come up.” It needs to come up in November.

Glenn Harlan Reynolds is a professor of law at the University of Tennessee and founder of the InstaPundit.com blog.


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