Airbus A380 still numerous in the sky

Some airlines continue to operate the largest aircraft in the world and even decide to increase its use, such as British Airways.

We thought him it belonged to the history of civil aviation. But the Airbus A380 is far from having said its last word. Some airlines that continue to operate the largest aircraft in the world are now deciding to increase its use, such as British Airways. Remember that Airbus He has decided stop production in 2019.

The British airline is flying superjumbo (one to two rotations per day) to Los Angeles, Miami, Washington, Johannesburg and Dubai, and is expected to add Chicago and Dallas between July and October.

According to a Flightradar tally, there were 50 of these four jet engines in the air on April 21, proof of its resilience with airlines for long-haul flights. However, there were more than 240 on duty before the health crisis.

Remember that in 2020 several major airlines such as Air France, Lufthansa or Thai Airways had announced their intention to abandon the operation of their jumbo jets such as the legendary A380. Already on the hot seat due to operating costs, the fate of these enormous four-engine aircraft was marked by the health crisis that paralyzed air transport. Their exceptional ability had become a handicap, particularly in terms of profitability.

In addition to British Airways, Emirates, Qantas, ANA and China Southern still fly their A380s. “We have put in place the means to make it work”, explained last September at BFM Business, Cédric Renard, Managing Director France of Emirates which he received last autumn the last device manufactured by Airbus.

The manager therefore recalls that the company has invested heavily in fitting out the A380s in order to make the travel experience unique. “Flying an Emirates A380 is not just about flying an A380,” he sums up.

Above all, the company’s model allows it to keep its superjumbo flying. “We have the expertise, the maintenance center, the dense traffic needed in our point-to-point links or hubs, the growth of traffic to and from Dubai over long distances,” he explains. “There is no doubt, on the contrary. This aircraft is superb, it is acclaimed by travelers, we believe in this aircraft which also allows us to differentiate ourselves”.

Maintenance of the A380 therefore requires certain conditions that few companies can meet. “Companies are in a profitability logic. They have borrowed enormously to survive the crisis and will have to generate maximum profitability. This requires high occupancy rates and therefore smaller cabs,” Guillaume Hue, Consulting partner, explained to BFM Business. strategic for archery and specialist in the sector.

Companies therefore prefer devices single corridoreasier to fill and more economical in consumption of kerosene.

Olivier Chicheportiche BFM Affari Journalist

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