What you need to know to start bodybuilding after 50

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What you need to know to start bodybuilding after 50


Over the age of 50, we often observe a small loss of motivation that goes along with weight gain, this is not true for everyone, but it is something that occurs statistically.

Why start at 50?

It is from this age that the hygiene of life takes on an even more decisive character with regard to your health. Speaking physically, with or without a sports coach, will save you a lot of worry and this is why we are seeing more and more people in their fifties and over approaching bodybuilding.

You must know that muscle mass tends to melt over the years, and this trend accelerates even when you reach the age of 45-50. Maintaining muscle mass worthy of the name will serve you daily and make it easier for you in several ways. Primarily from the standpoint of posture and general tone, which can lead to back pain, tendinitis and loss of balance.

But we must also consider the virtues of bodybuilding for everything related to the cardiovascular system, cholesterol management and the strength of the skeleton itself. Studies also show very clearly that bodybuilding can significantly boost your cognition. It will also greatly help strengthen your immune system, allowing your body to release a good load of endorphins (the feel-good hormone) and giving you a boost with a body that will make you feel like you are undergoing a real cure. Youth.

Our advice

You should know that after the age of 50 your body and its metabolism tend to no longer function at the same rate, so it is absolutely essential to monitor your diet and hydration (which is essential) and to allow yourself rest and sleep. sufficient quantity and quality.

There is a whole arsenal of exercises that will allow you to keep fit, to tone up or to rebuild what has been lost during too long a period of inactivity. Don’t set a limit in advance and just start listening to your body, which you probably know a lot better now, over time and over the years.

While this advice applies to everyone, including young people, a 50-year-old must understand that a warm-up is a must, otherwise he will suffer injuries or pain that you could have easily avoided.

It is crucial to vary activities rather than forcing a given bundle of muscles, which will allow you to mobilize your whole body and balance progress rather than aiming indiscriminately.

Age has also somehow put a strain on the joints. The ligaments and cartilage are probably not in the same state as they were when you were 20 or 30, so practicing exercises that don’t have a traumatic effect on your joints is crucial.

To do this, avoid excessive loads and instead opt for the repetition of movements with lesser loads. This also applies to the intensity of the movements. You shouldn’t necessarily seek explosiveness as you might have done without thinking too much when you were in the “invincible age groups”.

To conclude this small summary of the main tips we can give you if you start bodybuilding around the age of fifty, know that you should not underestimate the essentiality of the recovery periods between the different exercises you are going to do. And even beyond the time between successive exercises, between each session, make sure you take the time to ease any aches or pains. With time and practice they will eventually diminish.


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