What are the best strength training programs?

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What are the best strength training programs?


Sport is the ideal activity that allows you to lose weight quickly and have a muscular body. According to some specialists, sports activities have an aesthetic or functional purpose. In addition, they provide numerous benefits to the human body. What are the best strength training programs? The answer lies in this article.

What to know about the best bodybuilding training programs

If you want to develop your muscles, you have to opt for bodybuilding programs. Next, you will add isolation moves.

The thoracic program

Here is a perfect program for developing the pectoral muscles:

The bench press: this is a basic strength training exercise that will provide you with fundamental help, more specifically at the level of your steel pectoral muscles. However, this exercise requires good technique.

The dumbbell bench press: generally practiced on a bench, the dumbbell bench press offers everyone the opportunity to perform a binding movement with a barbell. This way you will have a better contraction of the pectorals and also a huge stretch of the muscles.

Push-ups on the floor: this is an exercise that allows you to work the entire torso without equipment. This particularly affects the shoulder girdle muscles such as the pectorals.

The Lying Fly: This is a pectoral exercise that specifically aims to stretch the fibers. It is also considered an exercise in isolation.

The shoulder program

To have big shoulders, also called “beautiful coconuts” (a term used in slang), you need to set up a program that brings together the best shoulder exercises. In fact, the recommendation is mostly about the bar or dumbbell military press. You also have the option to choose:

Side height;

Frontal anthers;

· The bird;


The thigh program

Getting big thighs isn’t as difficult as it sounds because there is a program that can help you get there. In the latter, there are thigh exercises not to be overlooked such as:

The squat;

45 ° printing;

The curled leg;

The extension of the leg.

Also, beginners should be careful with the squat. Indeed it is a technical movement that requires a lot of resources.

What is the serial number to do for each of the listed programs?

To develop muscles harmoniously, it is often required to perform a total of 16 sets per muscle group. More precisely, this means 4 exercises of 4 series each. With this rep set, you will be able to get the most out of your bodybuilding program. Furthermore, it is not necessary to combine the series. It would seem counterproductive because when you do a one-hour workout, testosterone levels drop dramatically in line with cortisol secretion. This could increase stress phenomena at your level. Although cortisol is an essential hormone for survival, it is important to control yourself so that it does not get worse.

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