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The secrets of the OL training center


Renowned for its excellence, the OL training center is one of the top three European training centers with FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. What is its secret?

To judge the level of a training center in football, there are several criteria that can complement each other. The French Football Association determines five of them in its scale: professionalization, playing time in the first team, national selections, education and European representation. Assign a number of stars between zero and five to measure each criterion. With an average of four out of five stars, the OL Academy outperforms especially in three areas.

First professionalization since the Rhone club sees a large number of its training center players sign professional contracts at the end of their course. But it is above all in terms of representations on a European scale, in the first 5 European championships and in the national selections that the Meyzieu academy can boast of being among the best.

Twenty-six players trained at Olympique Lyonnais are now playing in the European “Big Five” (England, Spain, Germany, Italy, France) and among them, eight have played in a club that played in the Champions League this season and three more in the Europa League.

OL powers major Big 4 leagues

Added to this are the twelve players trained in the club who play this season with national selections, to complete this impressive representativeness. But then how to explain that OLs are so efficient in the field of training? Obviously several factors explain this.

First, the individualization of players is essential in the functioning of the OL Academy. Meetings are held twice a week that bring together most of the key players in the training center (director, coaches, doctors, managers of each division, etc.) and allow them to take stock and define programs on a case-by-case basis if necessary. . . TO

In addition to health, many other points are covered. Matches from the previous weekend to build a comeback. That everyone can express their opinion and also focus on the performance of one or more players, both positively and negatively. It is also an opportunity for them to talk about their opponents. But also different teams and potentially focused on specific cases to attract them to future Lyon takeovers to continue to have the best young players possible.

26 OL-trained players play abroad

It is also in these essential meetings that the training groups will be formed and that some players will be rewarded by evolving with higher age categories than their own. If necessary, the various participants in the match will also come to determine together a precise training program for a player to strengthen a gap in his game or even so that he can improve in a certain area.

OL Academy is ahead of its peers in France thanks to the range of tools available to players to perform. This obviously goes beyond the irreproachable quality of the sports equipment (fields, weight room, shoes, balls, etc.) that they have on a daily basis.

Yoga lessons set up for players so that they can experience moments of well-being by releasing the pressures and thus being able to get in tune with themselves. An important moment also from a muscular point of view for these young athletes who generally come out fresher and more relaxed.

Hypnosis sessions are also possible within the walls of Meyzieu. A unit for the optimization of mental abilities at the service of performance created within the training center. His goal is to mentally prepare young players, but also to accompany them on a daily basis on this mental aspect that is too often overlooked in France.

Lyon in the top 5 of the best European training centers

This is inspired by the Anglo-Saxon countries which are very advanced in these areas as they have understood that the mind has a noticeable impact on sports performance.

To cite a final example, the OL Academy also offers its young people the opportunity to work on their vision. With a tool like “EyeMotion”, a system consisting of three 180-degree curved screens in a small room, the goal is to work on the player’s eye and above all on his ability to capture information.

In summary, it is a whole series of things that is offered to the players and that makes it a unique place. Just like the personalized accompaniment of each and their supervision by experienced professionals. This is why the OL Academy is one of the best training centers in Europe.

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