The advantages of bodyweight training

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The advantages of bodyweight training


Whether in the gym, at home or outdoors, the practice of bodybuilding allows you to refine by strengthening your silhouette. To work both the lower and upper body through specific exercises, some people opt for bodyweight training. Here are the different benefits of this practice.

Why practice bodyweight training?

At the beginning of bodybuilding, we often tend to use machines and arteries directly to do the exercises. This is a big mistake, because our body alone is a perfect tool for building muscles without too much effort, simply through specific exercises.

To benefit from the benefits of bodyweight training, you have the option of strengthen your muscles, no matter where you are. All you need to do is simply use a mat and, incidentally, a chair for certain exercises. This practice is therefore cheaper, because you can train without having to subscribe to a gym. In addition, bodyweight training also allows you to have excellent physical and mental health. In fact, it allows you to feel good about your body and to have more confidence in your physical abilities.

Exercises to reproduce for bodyweight training

Apart from his own practical and economical aspectbodyweight training also has the advantage of offering an impressive number of exercises that you can do both at home and in the gym.

The pumps

Push-ups strengthen the chest muscles. This exercise has several difficulty levels. Push-ups can be performed on your knees, in a pose or in a classic way. When doing knee push-ups, you should be facing the floor, supporting yourself on your palms and knees as you extend your arms slightly from your shoulders.

As for the push-ups in the pose, you need to have your torso on the ground and your hands slightly raised. Classic push-ups are a bit difficult, because they consist of leaning on the tips of your toes and spreading your legs slightly. For the more physical, you can also try the pumps rattle which consist of slapping both hands with each push-up.

The dives

The dips have the advantage of working the whole upper body in order to increase the muscle mass of the triceps and pectorals. In general, you will need to use a bench, chair, or other object that elevates the upper body during the exercise.

The latter consists in placing the back on a support (chair, bench) in order to have the legs at 90 °. Leaning with your hands on your support, perform up and down movements, taking care to position your shoulders correctly. This exercise allows also strengthen the shoulders.


Pull-ups are one of the simplest bodyweight exercises. They strengthen and strengthen your back. When you place your palms facing the sky (in supination), this movement allows you to work your back and biceps. To get the triceps to work, in this case you have to bring your palms to the ground (in pronation).

Pull-ups can also be performed classic or inverted. In the first case you will be suspended from a bar in height while for the reverse pull-ups, you will have to place a bar between two chairs and position your body at the bottom to perform your exercise.

Other exercises like squats, hip thrusts, or hollow grips also allow you to build muscle using your body. These exercises also have many benefits on your body and also on your physical and mental health.

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