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should weight training be preferred over cardio?


After vacationyou promised to go back to sport and more generally to find a healthy life. Between holidays, stress and confinementsyou have seen your body change and you are not comfortable in yours gym shoes. So, without further ado, you signed up for the sports Hall closer to you but, even with all the good will, you have not yet found yours rhythm. It starts from the idea that it is absolutely necessary to do a lot cardio to hope lose weight quickly, burning as much as possible calories. Then, you hurry on the treadmill, on which you spend an hour. Besides, well, you’re a little lost.

Indeed, the idea that the bodybuilding is reserved for those who want to take muscle mass and the cardio to those who want to lose weight it persists. Yet it is impostor. Well, in part. In fact, when we want lose weight, you have to burn calories. It is integrated. But only practice activities that stimulate ours heart rate it takes a lot of energy. Tapping into this energy could lead our body to shop fat to better support subsequent sessions. On the other hand, the metabolism Slows over 45 minutes of cardio activity. So doing just cardio won’t be the best. For nobody.

The importance of a body workout that mixes bodybuilding and cardio

For its part, bodybuilding burns fewer calories during a one hour session. On the other hand, unlike cardio, you will continue to burn calories as long as two hours later your session Basically, the more you develop yours muscle mass (and the more it will be), the more your body will require energy and therefore you will burn calories, too rest. Unlike cardio, bodybuilding increase yours metabolism. This is the right balance between your energy consumption and your daily calorie consumption. Indulging in weight training will then allow you to maintain a active metabolism.

So if you just want to carve a new silhouette, you prefer bodybuilding. If you want lose weight, alternate between cardio and strength training. For example, in one session, it starts with ten minutes of warm-up, then a series of weight training exercises, and finally ends with ten minutes of cardio. Treadmill or jump rope, for example. About fillers, it depends on you and your pace. You can work on body weight or using loads, adapted to your abilities. The important is do not stagnate. It is important to evolve the loads to see a true evolution.

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