Rodez: The Biney, a historic hotel, is up for sale

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Rodez: The Biney, a historic hotel, is up for sale


Le Biney hotel is for sale. The opportunity to return to this place that was created by Prosper Biney in 1867. This cooking enthusiast was at the forefront of the culinary art, of which he made a specialty: the terrine of truffled foie gras, and which Baron Rothschild loved.

Several Ruthenian hotels have recently changed hands. Today it’s Biney’s turn. Located in the center of Rodez, it is for sale, for the sum of € 1,555,000. The place has received several visits. From the announcement we learn that the three-star hotel has 28 rooms (including one suite). It has been completely refurbished recently to update it. On an area of ​​700 square meters, the owners have developed facilities such as a Spa, a weight room, a conference room, etc.

Beyond its assets, the Le Biney hotel remains a historic institution. Its history dates back to Prosper Biney, born in 1808, in Marguinière (in Eure et Loire). “From an early age he was passionate about cooking. A lover of gastronomy, his dream was to become a cook. Apprentice at Lemoine in Chartres, he went to Lebeau in Paris, supplier of the Emperor. This training allowed him to enter as chef de partie, with the great chef de cuisine Vefour at the Palais Royal (mecca of Parisian gastronomy) “, underlines the historian Jean-Michel Cosson, citing the work of Bernard Pouget on the” 100 Aveyronnaises families “.

But the young man doesn’t stop there. He returned as head waiter to the Count de Bourmont (then Minister of War), then as chef de cuisine in the service of Count Montaliver (Minister of the Interior). Subsequently, on August 18, 1830, Louis de Blanc De Guizard, publisher of the Globe, was appointed prefect of Aveyron. He takes Prosper Biney “in his suitcases” and entrusts him with the management of his kitchen. In 1835 he settled alone in the Aveyron where he took over the Hôtel des Voyageurs. It was only in 1945 that he managed to open his hotel-restaurant: the Hôtel du Midi, which he managed for 27 years.

In 1867 Prosper created Le Biney

In 1867 he sold it to Chaffaux, a cook as passionate as he was. It was around this time that he created Le Biney. More than a century and a half later, the hotel still bears the name of this new kitchen technician. “After opening a culinary laboratory, he will specialize in his own dish: terrine of truffled foie gras. A delicacy that will seduce even the Baron Rothschildrecalls Jean-Michel Cosson.

He will also marry a Ruthenoise, with whom he will have a son Pierre Biney and opens the Buffet de la Gare. His son will also be famous for his Rouergate gastronomy. In 1968 Suzanne Lacombe, daughter of the French teacher Lacombe, bought the hotel which had been rebuilt at the back, in rue Victoire Massol. Nowadays, the Biney still stands on this quiet street behind the main thoroughfare of the city, waiting for a new destiny.

The history of the hotel is intimately linked to the history of the Aveyron

If the Biney resonates in the minds of the Ruthénois as a place of well-being and conviviality, especially on the side of the restaurant of the same name. During the Second World War, the hotel Le Biney was the seat of the Kommandantur. The German Gestapo, which arrived in Free France in 1942, had chosen the most beautiful hotels in which to settle. “Above the Hotel Biney the swastika flag of the Kommandantur flew; the officers’ mess occupied the Broussy; the Verbindungsstab, the Hôtel du Midi and many other places, showcases of German control over the city, its machinery and its men “, Describes Jean-Michel Cosson in his book Aveyron in the war of 1939-1945 (De Borée Editions).

Note that the hotel Le Biney, at that time, was not located in rue Massol, as it is today, but on the boulevard Gambetta. In the archives, and well before the Second World War, we find traces of the name Biney, in 1905. year we learn of the election of the sculptor Denys Puech to the Academy of Fine Arts. An election that ended, with about fifty guests, at the Le Biney restaurant.

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