Riomois Corentin Chouvelon pursues his dream of becoming a professional triathlete

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Riomois Corentin Chouvelon pursues his dream of becoming a professional triathlete


It’s not easy to make an appointment with Corentin Chouvelon, the 24-year-old’s schedule is so busy to give himself the means to realize his dream: to compete with the best triathletes in the world and become a professional.

A graduate of the Handball Club Riomois, he went from a collective sport practiced with friends to a solitary effort that requires great sacrifices to be successful.

The Ironman of Saint-Georges in the United States in sight

“My parents lived right across from the Jean-Zay gym in Riom. So handball contacted me and I played there for 11 years until I was under 18. When most of us outdid the seniors, many stopped and I had to find another activity. I did a bit of bodybuilding, a bit of swimming and running to support myself, all that was needed was the bike. “

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After seeing a report on the Ironman in Vichy, he decided to train hard to participate one day. “I started with Nasatri in Châtel-Guyon. As a young and beginner, I realized it was best to start with short distances.”

Very encouraging results

The Ironman will be for later and Corentin first embarked on the S and M triathlon to get his feet wet. “It is quite explosive and it was fine with me. To extend the distances I am currently working on my swimming technique to not waste too much time getting out of the water and on the power of the bike to keep in touch with the best before attacking and running where I can. make the difference”.

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By dint of the daily work sessions, progress was made and in 2021 Corentin performed at national level with a 4th scratch place and a 2nd place in the 18-24 year category at 70.3 de Vichy; a 3rd place scratch and a 2nd place in the 18-24 age group in Mallorca (70.3) ?; a 6th place zero at Hourtin (70.3) ?; a victory in Cagnes-sur-Mer in M ​​format and a success in Volvic’s 10 km cross.

Nine appointments in the 2022 program

In 2022, Corentin Chouvelon established a program of nine events in all formats, including the French Military Championship (M) in May, the French Long Distance Championship in July, the Ironman in Vichy and, as a highlight, the Ironman 70.3 world which will take place in Saint-Georges, Utah on October 28th.

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“It will be huge. There will be several thousand competitors depending on the categories with professionals and amateurs. I took a bib after my result (2nd in 18-24 years, ed) obtained in Mallorca “.

Between 20 and 30 hours of weekly training

To achieve his goals, Corentin works part-time which allows him to dedicate 20 to 30 hours to his weekly training, the price to pay to compete with the best. “I swim five times a week at a pace of 3-5 kilometers per session. I run at noon and after swimming I go cycling. Since last August I have been followed at a distance by Johann Vincent, a professional coach, who regulates my exits and my lifestyle. “

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Corentin Chouvelon is currently licensed in Saint-Étienne, which gives him access to races that are high enough to progress. These different trips obviously have a significant cost and Corentin is therefore looking for partners to give him a financial boost.

Sponsor. Contact: Corentin Chouvelon can be reached by email or by phone at


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