Questions within France Télévisions after the cancellation of a report on the Yvan Colonna attack

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Questions within France Télévisions after the cancellation of a report on the Yvan Colonna attack


Self-censorship by France Télévisions or unacknowledged pressure from a government anxious to restore calm to Corsica? This is the question that has been asked within the company since the management of the public audiovisual group ordered, on Thursday 17 March, in the evening, the withdrawal from its website of any link or reference to a report of the editorial staff of France. 3 Corsica on the attack, on 2 March, of Yvan Colonna, inside the prison of Arles (Bouches du Rhone).

On the air Thursday during the 7pm news, both on France 3 Corse and on France 3 Marseille, the subject, seen by The world, reveals the unfolding, frozen images in support, of the attack suffered by the nationalist militant convicted of the 1998 assassination of prefect Claude Erignac. Lasting one minute and thirty-six seconds, Yvan Colonna is seen entering the sports hall at 9:21 am. Less than an hour later, at 10:13 am, Franck Along Abé arrives, convicted in 2015 of jihadism in the corridor near the room. In charge of housework, as a helper, he enters leaving his broom and bucket outside.

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The Corsican nationalist is then installed, on his stomach, his torso slightly straightened, on a weight machine. His attacker closes the door. He turns around and appears to be checking through the peephole for people nearby. Then, he takes off and leaps onto his victim’s back and begins, with his hands still covered in the yellow cleaning gloves, strangling Yvan Colonna. Then he takes a plastic bag to choke her. The attacker left the room at 10:22 am, meeting a supervisor to whom he said the Corsican nationalist had just fallen ill. Finally, the images show Franck Along Abé taking over his family business.

Family shocked by these images

The prison guard discovers the Corsican prisoner unconscious. It is 10:24 am, less than ten minutes after the appearance of Franck Along Abé, arrested in his cell and who admitted to having committed this act to “avenge his god”. The two investigations in progress – judicial, opened last March 3, for “attempted murder in connection with a terrorist enterprise” by the National Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor’s Office and, administratively, by the General Inspectorate of Justice – will undoubtedly shed light on all the facts.

The report is careful not to show degrading images of the victim. This scoop of France 3 Corse also brings an extra element to the premeditated dimension of the act and contradicts, in some respects, the official version. Before the law commission of the National Assembly, on Wednesday 16 March, the director of the prison administration, Laurent Ridel, assured that the door of the weight room where Yvan Colonna and Franck Elong Abé were staying, had remained open, which was denied by the surveillance. images revealed by France 3 Corse.

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