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“I didn’t ask you to pull that sea!”


Stephen Curry was recently asked about the influence he has on young basketball players who start shooting from afar to look like him. If in the lot he obviously has good disciples (Trae Young for example), unfortunately there are also excesses.

Stephen Curry is perhaps the most revolutionary basketball player of recent years. He has become the best shooter in the history of the League before our eyes and there is not even more debate possible. In all these years the Chef has shown that to be good at basketball you don’t necessarily have to be a 2m15 monster and weigh 115 kg. He has inspired thousands of young players who understood that thanks to the mastery of shooting, their dream of playing in the NBA was achievable. Watch it Trae Young, the one who comes closest to Curry in the NBA: All-Star point guard, enlisted less than four years ago, capable of shooting from very far. Today young basketball players are able to identify with the Chef and say “I want to become like Steph”. The problem is that to do as their idol, they launch hams with the logo, a real sausage festival. Podcast host Knuckle headsFrom Players’ Tribune, starring Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles, Stephen Curry said he wants people to stop tagging him in videos of young men taking bad long shots.

“Stop tagging me in all those horrible basketball videos where people take bad shots saying I screwed up the game. I didn’t ask you to shoot that shit!” There was one the other day, Isaiah Quickley, took a transition shot. I probably would have taken that picture, but I didn’t tell him to shoot. People have tagged me left and right as “yo, you ruined the game, thanks”. It’s funny, because I appreciate the ability I’ve had to change the way people approach the game, it’s unreal. Since three-point shooting and the simple act of shooting is a skill that anyone can work on, it can be improved. I really believe it. Not everyone can just do strength training to have a 1 meter stretch, not everyone can grow up to 6 inches tall, but you can shoot. No matter what level you play, no matter what league, everyone is a threat when you can shoot. The fact is that this skill is probably the most important in the game. It’s also a responsibility to teach the next generation what’s possible, to increase their imagination and creativity about what they can do on a court, basketball, but if you see me there: don’t skip this part, this part is the work. “

Stephen Curry didn’t come to the NBA just because he could shoot at 30 feet. No, the point guard joined the NBA because he worked hard, not just on shooting, but on every other aspect of basketball : the dribble, the game without the ball, the vision and the understanding of the systems… Many young people think that the more they can shoot from a distance like Curry, the more they will have the chance to go to the NBA. That’s false, they just produce a sad basketball parody that makes them none other than Stéphane Poivre. To be a good basketball player, and in all other sports, you have to work hard. This Chef’s speech is reminiscent of the Jordan brand advertisement ‘Maybe It’s My Fault’, in which MJ explains thathe shouldn’t have made it seem like what he did was easy.

“Maybe it’s my fault. Maybe I let you think it was easy when it wasn’t. Maybe I made you think that my highlights started on the free throw line and not in the gym. Maybe I made you believe that all the shots I made were winners, that my game was built on flash and not on fire. Maybe it’s my fault that you didn’t see that failures gave me strength, that my pain was my motivation. Did I let you believe that my basketball was a godsend and not something I worked for, every day of my life? Maybe I destroyed the game, or maybe you’re just looking for an excuse. “

So to any young basketball player who wants to be like Stephen Curry, Michael Jordan, or any other NBA player: stop throwing sausage from the middle of the court and get to work. Being able to shoot from a distance is great, but try adding other weapons to your palette. Work, don’t give up, and maybe one day you too will make your dreams come true.

Text source: Knuckleheads, Players’ Tribune

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