Here is the largest Neoness gym in Paris and has room to strengthen the buttocks

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Here is the largest Neoness gym in Paris and has room to strengthen the buttocks


Notice to sportsmen in the capital: the Neoness brand has just opened its largest fitness area in Paris, a few steps from the famous François Mitterrand Library. On the menu, 1,640 square meters dedicated to the well-being of the body, beginners or more experts. Distributed on a single floor, to avoid incessant comings and goings during the session, this room is composed in particular of a cardio area of ​​183 square meters, a training studio of 176 square meters dedicated to group lessons and a bodybuilding area of ​​540 square meters. The peculiarity of this corner reinfo? It has been designed based on customer feedback and is divided into three parts: the first called “Cool Raoul” is dedicated to the practice of beginners with easily accessible machines, the second “Normal Chantal” is intended for intermediate level athletes and the third “Balaise Blaise” is aimed at the more experienced, something to reassure beginners who, out of shyness, do not dare to train as close as possible to long-time athletes.

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76 cardio machines and a “booty factory” to work the glutes

On the cardio side, Neoness has seen it big with nearly 76 machines to sweat on: stairmaster (the famous stairs), stepper, elliptical, semi-recline bike for back pain sufferers, for example, and of course the essential treadmill. roulant …
Another specificity of this new Neoness room? A “loot factory” is a space entirely dedicated to the rear. Out of sight and in privacy, this corner allows you to strengthen your rear thanks to various reinforcement machines, such as the famous press or the “glute drive”.

A gym without … a mirror

For those who appreciate collective energy, many courses are also held by real coaches and not by virtual coaches, as often happens in recent years in sports halls. In the program? HIIT, stretch, abdominal thighs, glutes or even body attack. Also positive note: in the various spaces there are coaches to guide budding athletes, as well as the most seasoned. And as in all sign clubs, mirrors are totally absent from the room. The idea: to cultivate well-being before performance.

Neoness, 4 subscription formulas from € 15 to € 50.

The cardio zone

The “Balaise Blaise” bodybuilding area for experienced athletes

The “booty factory” to work the buttocks

The cross training area

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