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foods richer in proteins of animal origin


In bodybuilding, protein foods are essential. In addition to a healthy and varied diet, a diet rich in animal protein will help achieve better results.

Essential for our metabolism, proteins are essential for the development and maintenance of bone tissue, muscle cells and the epidermis. Here is a list of the most protein foods for your bodybuilding diet.

Focus on proteins of animal origin

If you are approaching bodybuilding, for example by signing up for a subscription to a gym in Montpellier, but you do not know which foods you are turning to to change your diet, here is a short guide to the richest in proteins.

White meat

Most often, a bodybuilding athlete’s diet comes down to a simple “chicken-rice” mixture. Of course, you shouldn’t just look at your two foods either, but there is some truth to this way of eating. In fact, white meat is very rich in proteins.

To be more specific, white meat includes chicken, turkey or veal. It is the simplest and least expensive source of protein to obtain. But if you prefer one in particular, turn to chicken and, more precisely, chicken breast. This food will provide you with 31 grams of protein per 100 gram serving.

Fish, food rich in proteins

A little above white meat in terms of the amount of protein per 100g, fish and more specifically white fish is a good alternative to diversify your protein diet. If you prefer fatty fish, don’t worry, either type of fish will do. For comparison, for 100 grams of fatty fish like salmon or mackerel, you’ll get 24 grams of protein. For 100 grams of white fish you get just over 26 grams of protein.

Red meat

Although white meat is generally preferred, red meat also provides its share of protein. The nuance is that it is fatter and therefore not necessarily optimized for lean mass gain. However, in terms of the amount of protein per 100 grams, red meat remains the highest protein food of animal origin. Dried red meat is a must in this regard.

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