Exclusive images of the attempted murder of Yvan Colonna

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Exclusive images of the attempted murder of Yvan Colonna


This is the document that everyone is talking about, but that no one has seen yet: the images of the video surveillance camera of the sports hall of the central house in Arles. One of our teams was able to access the court file and screenshots of this video.

On 2 March Yvan Colonna, sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Prefect Erignac, was brutally attacked by a prisoner convicted of jihadism, Franck Elong Abé.

To date, only a dozen investigators and representatives of the prison administration have been able to view it.

The following photos, screenshots from the surveillance video, are not entirely clear, but we can still see what is going on there. They will undoubtedly be at the center of the judicial investigation carried out by the anti-terrorist prosecutor. They will also be examined by the Inspectorate General of Justice, which is conducting an administrative investigation.

The video file starts at 9:21 am. Yvan Colonna, alone in the gym, maintains himself physically. For 52 minutes.

10h 13min

In this shot, we see Yvan Colonna, on the left behind the weight machine. He still thinks he’s alone.

On the right, Franck Elong Abé, dressed in a gray T-shirt, enters the gym and closes the door behind him. This 36-year-old Cameroonian with a heavy prison past is paid by the prison administration to clean the weight room.

30 seconds later, Franck Along Abé, wearing the yellow gloves, rushes to Yvan Colonna. He climbs over a weight machine and jumps on top of it with both feet together.

10h 15min

In shot 7, then in shot 8, more distinctly, we see the attacker chasing Yvan Colonna. The victim seems to be fighting as best he can.

In the next two shots we see Franck Elong Abé, who has taken off his gloves, grabs a plastic bag and then returns to Colonna, still on the ground, and apparently unconscious.

Then, on his knees, use this plastic bag to suffocate the victim. This terrible sequence lasts 3 minutes.

10h 22mn and 35s

The image is again of poor quality but we can see Franck Elong Abé leaving the room.

He will meet a prison officer, to whom he indicates, according to his statements in police custody, that Yvan Colonna would have felt ill.

10h 24min and 9s

The agent enters the room and discovers Yvan Colonna, lying on the ground, unconscious.

The terrible attack on the Corsican inmate lasted almost 10 minutes. And 11 minutes and 9 seconds passed between Franck Elong Abé’s arrival in the room and the intervention of a supervisor from the central house in Arles.

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