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effects, benefits and dangers, cure … all about this doping method


Turinabol, a popular anabolic steroid

For some, bodybuilding is a real pleasure. Integrated into a routine, it offers not only benefits for the body, of course, but also for the mind. But some enter the sport with a very specific goal in mind: to gain muscle mass and to look like Dawyne Johnson (or her female alter ego). Kind of like this man who had been following her routine for several weeks.

Except some want faster results and turn to doping. Turinabol is particularly popular. Effects, benefits, dangers, treatment: this is everything you need to know about this doping method.

What is Turinabol? What effects?

Turinabol is an anabolic steroid that allows you to gain mass and strength faster. What many sports practitioners are looking for when turning to this type of product, per se. It is similar to other products known as Dianabol, but with fewer side effects.

Forbidden in sports competitions, Turinabol was used for a long time until the end of the 20th century for its rapid effects. It was also the favorite performance-enhancing product of German sportsmen from 1974 to 1990. Obviously, this oral steroid tablet made by Alpha Pharma costs a certain price.

What are the advantages? What dangers?

If Turinabol is so popular, it is because it has many benefits and very few side effects, unlike other products of its kind. Turinabol offers quality gains in strength and muscle mass. Turinabol doping does not cause water retention.

This then offers a very dense muscular look, an essential point for many bodybuilding enthusiasts. No acne to worry about even due to Turinabol. In short, thanks to its effects and benefits, Turinabol stands out from many of its competitors in the anabolic steroid doping market.

But of course, the product isn’t risk-free. Turinabol can cause minor or more serious side effects, but in rare cases. The most common mild problems are oily skin and increased hairiness (to look like Chris Hemsworth).

The really serious dangers are increased blood pressure or gynecomastia (overgrowth of the mammary glands in men). Turinabol can also cause liver damage if taken in too high a dose or for too long. Drinking alcohol or eating too much fat also promotes liver damage. Dangers to be avoided absolutely.

The Turinabol cure

Turinabol cure should be deployed in 6-8 weeks for men and around 4-6 weeks for lasting results. A daily dose of 20 to 50 mg for men and 5 to 15 mg for women is recommended.

As mentioned above, too long a cure or too high doses are not without danger, so beware of excesses. The “Dianabol Light”, as it is often dubbed, will offer you convincing results, even over the course of a month. Keep in mind that Turinabol is banned in France.

D-Bal, the “legal” version of Turinabol

D-Bal is the only legal herbal alternative to Turinabol. The product offers the same effects as Turinabol and also fewer side effects. The product also offers quick recovery and promises results in just 30 days.

D-Bal also promises to reduce muscle pain. In short, a product that could satisfy even athletes looking for fast and convincing results.

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