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Bodybuilding. What role does testosterone play?


Their level doesn’t matter. Whether they are just beginners or have been experts in the field for several years, all bodybuilders are aware of this: testosterone plays an important role in the muscle gain process. Let’s try to see in what and how it is possible to increase the frequency to improve its performance and thus increase muscle growth. You can also find many tips on

What is testosterone?

Before seeing how testosterone levels can be improved to increase muscle building capacity, let’s first define what testosterone is and what role it can play for the human body.

According to the Larousse definition, testosterone, a female name derived from testis, sterol and hormones, is a hormone from the androgen group (male hormone), secreted by the testicles in men and by the ovaries and adrenal glands in the wife. It is the main male hormone – it is produced 7 to 8 times slower in women – and is therefore considered synonymous with strength and endurance.

It is naturally produced by the human body, from cholesterol that is stored in the liver. According to the specialists interviewed by the media Santé Magazine, “during puberty, testosterone allows the appearance of certain specific male characteristics such as the development of body hair, the development of the male genitals and muscles, the appearance of libido, the change of the tone of voice … […] Strengthens the bones in general (prevention of osteoporosis). It also induces an increase in muscle mass. “

These effects in women, although minor, also exist: testosterone thus improves the quality of the ovaries and fertility, and can help reduce menstrual pain and symptoms of menopause, including headaches.

On the other hand, a low level of testosterone can lead to many negative effects on the body. In summary, it is an essential hormone for health and well-being, as long as it remains at reasonable levels.

A lever to use with caution in bodybuilding

As explained above, testosterone naturally facilitates muscle mass gain. But it is not only through this that it can be beneficial for an athlete as part of a bodybuilding program.

Thanks to its ability to strengthen bones, it also accelerates the speed of healing following an injury, for example. It reduces the formation of fat mass, which is important in the dry phase. It can also act on the mind by facilitating sustained sighting activity.

A high level of testosterone therefore allows you to resist difficulties better and to recover better by promoting the development of muscle mass. There are supplements that can stimulate hormones. Above all, they should not be confused with steroids, the use of which is prohibited and dangerous.

The hormone level must not be stimulated naturally and must not be replaced with the intake of external products.

Hormonal stimulants based on natural active ingredients (plant extracts, trace elements, vitamins and minerals) such as Tribulus Terrestriste, Muscat Pea or Fenugreek are safe if the recommended dosages are respected.

Quality sleep, a healthy and proper diet and a training program adapted to your abilities also remain essential elements for any successful bodybuilding program.

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