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Bodybuilding: the health benefits


Over the past few decades, more and more women are enjoying the benefits of bodybuilding alongside men. These exercises are in fact essential to have the perfect silhouette that we often dream of. But beyond the looks, strength training also has many health benefits. Which ones? Follow the leader.

Bodybuilding, benefits for the whole body

A very complete sport that works all muscle groups and endurance, bodybuilding is full of benefits for all parts of the body. By practicing this sport regularly, you will enjoy all the benefits of bodybuilding exercises on the cardiovascular healththe cardio-respiratory system and the metabolism.

Strength training is also beneficial for brain function, fighting stress and imparting better sleep quality. All of this helps improve the quality of life and strengthen the immune system. What motivates you the most!

Finally, bodybuilding is effective for sculpting a dream body. With the efforts made and the results obtained, it confers on self-confidence adamant. In short, bodybuilding has only benefits, whatever your goal – lose belly fat, strengthen your lower or upper body, tone your body to be more energetic … – you will have better health at the same time!


Improvement of cardiovascular health

As a sport, bodybuilding has a very positive effect on cardiovascular health. Physical efforts made during a weight training session make the heart work, which will improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system and prevent heart disease. Thanks to their intensity, weight training practices such as cross training (a mix of strength training and cardio exercises) are particularly effective.

Also note that the long series of exercises Strength training will also benefit your cardiovascular health. Enough to motivate you when you are out of breath in the making of your long series of pull-ups!

L’sequence of different exercises with very short rest times it is also very beneficial for the heart and cardiovascular system. In fact, by chaining the exercises, your body will provide the same effort as cardio training. The sequence might then look like this: a set of squats – rest for a few seconds – set of pull-ups – a few seconds of rest – set of dips – rest for a few seconds – set of flexion extensions. Therefore, a 2 minute rest period should be observed before resuming the sequence.

Get rid of stress with strength training

Bodybuilding is a source of satisfaction and well-being. On the contrary, it brings serenity (you know you are taking care of your body) and helps to do so fight against stress. Furthermore, the fact of dedicating time to sport, whether indoors, outdoors or at home, is a moment of escape that allows you to forget the strains of everyday life.

Studies have shown that people who exercise regularly manage stressful situations better than those who do not exercise. In addition, strength training stimulates cognitive functions and helps to have a good memory.

Strength training for a more toned body

Strength training and resistance exercises help you lose fat. Beyond the aesthetic aspect, this allows you to have a more toned and firmer body. Combined with muscle building, this fat loss helpshave more strength. You will have no problems carrying out your daily activities and keeping up with others during your various outings (mountain walks, hikes, mountain biking, etc.).

Another benefit of weight training is that it will they help minimize the back pain that you can sometimes suffer from. In fact, the strengthening of the abdominal and back muscles allows the spine to have a better posture. To benefit from this benefit of bodybuilding, squats, abs, pull-ups and all exercises that work the back muscles are therefore preferred.

Sculpt a dream body with bodybuilding

Weight loss and the pursuit of a perfect figure are the main reasons that push women to do bodybuilding. And they are right, because weight training is particularly effective, especially because born lose only fat non-lean body mass. This way you will have nice curves while having a toned and firm body.

As unlikely as it may seem, weight training will burn more calories during exercise than cardio training. This is because the training that is continued until muscle failure causes the body to produce more oxygen and energy. Which results in a higher calorie expenditure. The body will draw on fatty tissue to build new muscles. In addition, weight training allows you to spend energy even at rest (it is after training that the muscles will rebuild). It also helps in increasing the metabolism.

Strength training to strengthen bones

The process of losing muscle mass starts from the age of 40. A person who does not do strength training risks losing up to 50% of their muscle mass between the ages of 40 and 80.

Studies have shown that women are more likely to develop osteoporosis. This is explained by the hormonal changes they will bring lose bone density in aging. Osteoporosis is characterized by significant bone fragility, with the main causes of the disease being calcium deficiency and low skeletal density.

According to the researchers, regular training (especially weight training) and a balanced diet are effective in preventing this disease. In fact, the bones are stressed during the exercises, which will strengthen them and slow down the process of loss of density that comes with age.

Also, strength training helps improve balance and therefore to reduce the risk of falls, very common among the elderly and which often cause bone fractures.

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