before his match against Evreux, Vichy-Clermont focused on his goals

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before his match against Evreux, Vichy-Clermont focused on his goals


On Sunday 20 March, the Jeanne d’Arc club in Vichy-Clermont Métropole receives the ALM Evreux on the occasion of the 24th day of the French Pro B basketball championship. Despite the infernal rhythms, the players are physically preparing.

As part of the 24th day of the French Pro B championship, the Jeanne D’Arc of Vichy-Clermont Métropole (JAVCM) receives the Amicale Laïque Madeleine Evreux (ALM Evreux) on Sunday 20 March. A match broadcast on France 3 Auvergne and France 3 Normandy from 15:05 and to follow live on our website.

Live on France 3 Auvergne

In the first leg, on 23 December, these two historic French basketball clubs had a spectacular duel, won 91 to 87 by Evreux. The JAVCM, which is playing the lead roles this season and is aiming for the playoffs, will seek revenge on its floor at the Palais des Sports Pierre-Coulon in Vichy. ALM Evreux won their first title in their history in February by carving their name on the Pro B Leaders Cup winners list.

Before each game, Vichy basketball players prepare their bodies for the effort and impact to come. On the program, proprioception and bodybuilding exercises, essential routines to support an overloaded program. Jimmy Djimrabaye, member of the JAVCM, indicates: ” We will chain matches. We don’t have much time to work. This means we need to stay in these routines and really try to do whatever the coach asks us to do, to keep fit and avoid minor injuries. “. Until the end of April, the JAVCM has to collect the matches every three days and the travels that come with them. The staff optimizes the workload. Alexandre Pradon, physical trainer, explains:” We do some strength training every day. We try to organize the program according to the state of form and respecting the physiological parameters. We work the upper and lower body, agility, speed. The weeks are very busy but we try to keep a constant training pace despite everything to maintain the best possible state of freshness. That’s why we do this job, we have to constantly adapt and we like that “.

Priority is given to skill work for the players, video analysis and strategy. A recipe that works Despite a workforce of only 10 players, Vichy remains at the top of the Pro B rankings. Solidarity, physical impact, tough defense are paying off. Thanks to his energy and the sharing of the balls in attack, the JAVCM took down Chalon-sur-Saône, co-leader of the championship. Thomas Ville, attacking midfielder, underlines: ” We know we have talent in the team but it is first of all the heart to annoy others, to take on the big names at the top. “. As soon as there is time to savor, it is already necessary to move on to recovery, to preserve the bodies of the most stressed players. On the exercise bike, Dominez Burnett, a JAVCM winger, specifies:” We have so many games coming up, so many days that the coaches want us to stay fresh, to avoid injuries. I think it’s a good thing to keep moving forward “. Guillaume Vizade, club manager, adds:” It may be getting harder and harder. Now we need to focus on the next match. If there are things to manage, we will do it in the intervals. We have a plan in terms of preparation, work scheduling. We also trust the state the team is in. We are in a very favorable period for us. We will not speak of euphoria but of trust. We have to bring all this to life and in every match we have to give our best. It is always easier to endure fatigue when you win games “.

The JAVCM arrives in confidence, after having signed their 12th success of the season on Tuesday 15 March against Rouen, with a score of 95 to 104.

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