Auch: Silvio, crowned French weightlifting champion

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Auch: Silvio, crowned French weightlifting champion


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A member of the French team in the 1980s, Silvio Catanoso became French Masters weightlifting champion this weekend in Comines.

“I started the competition by easily overcoming a 60kg bar in the snatch. Then I looked at what the other participants were doing and I gained 65 kg. But there, two out of three referees present invalidated the test. Probably because the movement was not all in one go… ”, says Silvio Catanoso without neglecting the slightest detail, who finally succeeded“ largely ”in his 3rd attempt at 65 kg.

At the end of the first movement, the snatch, the native of the Paris region takes the lead with a 4 kg advantage over his closest pursuer. “I attacked clean and jerk by successfully reaching an 80kg bar, after seeing my main opponent try a 77kg bar. I wanted to distance myself from him… Then again, at 85 kg, two of the referees invalidated my test “, he says as if the adoptive Gersois was still on the set, installed in Auch since 2020. Finally, after a new failure of his main contender for the title, Silvio Catanoso becomes champion of France Masters, category – of 81 kg.

“I trained daily […] twice daily “

A fair reward given the time spent by the young retiree, who will turn 64 at the end of the month, preparing for the event. “From January I train every day, from Monday to Saturday, twice a day, with a weight training session in the morning and weight lifting in the afternoon”, says Silvio Catanosso, who did not resume training until September after. quitting weightlifting for four decades after a professional career in sports.

A return to competitions that could have played tricks on him. “I discovered adjustment points that I was not aware of … Before I put plaster on my thighs to slide the bar, and now it is forbidden,” says Silvio with a smile on his lips. The weightlifter, also passionate about writing, was able to put his rich experience to good use. “In a tactical match, you have to play smart. From the warm-up I observed my main opponent and was able to detect his weaknesses. “

Less than a week after his coronation, Silvio Catanoso has already returned to training at L’Atelier, a gymnasium in Aorsaine. “I don’t know yet if I will participate in the European Championships this summer. I’m undecided, especially because I don’t have enough perspective, I started again in September and got injured twice… ”concludes the French champion.

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