Athletics. A shower of records and titles for the indoor Mayenne this season

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Athletics. A shower of records and titles for the indoor Mayenne this season


Matthias Orban and Mathis Prod'homme broke their personal records this winter.
Matthias Orban and Mathis Prod’homme broke their personal records this winter. (© CDLM)

Sounkamba Sylla, senior French champion in the 400m
“I was not sure if I would have a winter season due to the last summer season which was very long. I decided with my coach to do the 200m indoor with why not one or two 400m. We worked a lot on speed at the expense of endurance at speed and work on land. I am quite satisfied with my lap times as I have broken all records. I would have liked to do a little better in the Elite over 200m. There is still a lot of work to do this summer for the 400 but I have a positive opinion on the winter season during which I learned a lot. “

Roséva Bidois, French discus thrower champion
“The results are more than positive. I finish on a French champion title on record with a new record at 47m92. I am all the more satisfied that at the beginning of the season I was thinking of doing 40 meters and I told myself that 50 meters was far. “

Laura Salin-Eyike, French senior high jump champion
“I’m not satisfied. I’m very disappointed because I trained well, I was in good shape. In Lyon (note: French champion in Senior) he practically made it. At the Elite, it didn’t work for me. ‘tired yet I was also in good shape. I can’t connect my module to the competition and put things right. Who knows if one day I’ll get there because it’s really the assembly of everything that is missing. Technically I jump much better but unfortunately I don’t I can repeat it in the race. I’m confident for the summer season because we worked well this winter. We found the right run-up, I have two and a half months to fine-tune it and be fit in June. “

Mathis Prod’homme, several improved records and junior pole vault vice-champion of France
“I am very, very happy with what I have done. It’s a good season, I finish with 5m45, which normally validates the minimums for the World Cup in Colombia. This is the main focus of the season. I managed to be very consistent at good heights. I made a lot of progress in the race and, technically, things are starting to get better little by little. At the French elite championships I was very tired and there are zero. It’s a shame to end my season with this one, but I’m pretty confident for the future. “

Matthias Orban, pole vault personal best
“The record is mixed because I have accumulated several 0’s. This is the first time that I have done so much. I have had a lot of irregularities. I explain this in connection with a lack of training from my groin. I haven’t been able to train for almost a year. Points of reference and feelings are hard to find. Fortunately, I conclude on a positive note. (note: she broke her record in 5m61 on March 6th). I am reassured for the summer season. I progressed technically during the race. There is a lot of competition. It motivates but it is a bit frustrating because at 5’61 2-3 years ago, he was the bar to get on the podium at the French championships. “

Marvin Pistol, 5And at the French elite championships
“It’s a season full of learning, especially in the French leagues like in Lyon where I don’t manage my status correctly and do it in the final. Rebound on the Elite. I tried not to repeat the same mistakes. My choice to stop my work allows me to train more. He disappointed me not to go below 7’80 (note: he equaled his record on March 6). This summer, the big goal will be the French-speaking Games. By placing 5th in the French elite championships, it bodes well. “

“Going to France was something crazy”

Édouard Chaudet, record of 2m02 in the high jump
“This season I had one goal: to qualify for the French championships. I started with 1m90 and, for me, it was already a sick thing. In the interregions I made 2m02. I am the first surprised. I didn’t expect to gain 12cm in a competition. I feel I still have a lot to learn. I have progressed somewhat in managing my stress. Going to France was something crazy, but I manage this stress very badly. He played a lot. This summer, I am clearly aiming for 2m05. The minimums to go to the European Championship are 2m07. It’s playable, that would be really cool. “

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Lou-Anne Jollivet, obstacles
“The results are a bit mixed. I did not reach the goals set which were to beat Britain’s record in 8’39. However, it is a great performance to be able to improve my record (8’41). I’ve made quite a bit of progress in some areas, especially my reaction time. I have managed to improve my starts but they are not consistent. I am confident for this summer because I have learned a lot in training and in competition. I think it will pay off. I hope to make a podium in the French championships. “

Nolwen Kermoal, 60 m
“The overall results are quite mixed because the performances in the race have not been there all season. I’m stagnating around 7 ” when I’m much better. This season is also synonymous with improved training. In bodybuilding, which is my biggest shortcoming, I have progressed tremendously to weights I never imagined I would one day carry. For the summer season, I want to focus again on the essentials and my pleasure of running. I hope that the fruits of this winter will be seen this summer. “

Louisa Chaudet, heptathlon
“I am quite satisfied with my season, even if at the French championships I am not doing exactly what I had planned. I was quite disappointed as I scored 100 points less than my Mondeville record. I explain this difference in particular because of the high jump. I lost my orientation a little, which made it difficult for me to participate in my competition. I finished 11th when I wanted to break my record and finish 7th or better. Physically, I feel that I am developing a physical form that I did not have before. “

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