3 intense exercises in 5 minutes straight

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3 intense exercises in 5 minutes straight


No more possible excuses for those who say they don’t have time to train. It only takes 5 minutes a day to complete this program! The 3 exercises last 30 seconds each but the real difficulty lies in the sequence of these, without recovery and for 5 minutes.

Abs: A 5-minute workout to build muscle and lose fat

The workout can be done every day according to your possibilities and is very effective for the abdominal belt. Abdominals, but also core muscles and deep muscles of the body to some extent … Enough to do a real little bodybuilding program in minutes. Note that this is also a good cardio exercise as it all depends on the intensity and pace of the work. And while it is possible to adjust the time according to your abilities, try not to rest too much between each set and exercise.

Before starting anything, we remind you of good practices: warm up for a few minutes, do small and short breathing exercises practice a movement of the stomach to feel the abs better. Even under the fat, you have it! Drink some water, then work. During this intense circuit, we try not to rest and therefore not to drink.

5 minutes to get abs and lose fat

the the first exercise is the climbing type run, known as the climbers. Get on all fours, bring your knees under your chest, alternating left and right, and keep a good footing on the ground. Contract the entire front chain of your body and draw in the stomach. The pelvis goes inwards and the back remains stiff, flat and does not curve excessively!

the second exercise is the plank, a coating exercise recommended in all sports programs worthy of the name. The more experienced can use a variant with a different position, but don’t try to reinvent the wheel: a real abdominal sheath will be enough to work the right muscles, if you keep the back flat and the whole body sheathed.

the third exercise it is that of the abdominal elbows-knees, the best known or almost. Lie flat on your back and always keep your belly inspired. Bring the left elbow towards the right knee, then vice versa. The legs don’t work, nor the psoas! So make sure you contract your abs well no matter if your knee doesn’t touch your elbow every time. And finally, don’t use your neck! The head remains straight and supple.

  • 30 seconds of each exercise.
  • Don’t rest, take a deep breath as you position yourself for the rest of the circuit.
  • 30 seconds of the next exercise.
  • 30 seconds of the 3rd exercise.
  • Let’s start once again!

This circuit is not easy but even beginners can find effective and feasible variants thanks to the great adaptability of the “crunch” exercises. No equipment required, and this is the great strength of this abdominal circuit as it can be done at home. 5 minutes of work, for example in the morning, and you will have a great burst of energy throughout the day.

Abs: A HIIT Matter?

There is such a program the logic of HIIT, high intensity fitness training for short periods. HIIT has shown benefits for fat loss and muscle growth … So try this circuit, as the core loves short, dynamic exercises like this.

In fact, on a daily basis, the abdominals are used very little and never for prolonged periods. And for this a short, fast and very intense exercise will make you grow, especially thanks to the type B muscle fibers. Just a few exercises are enough to work the abdominal band!

Obliques, upper and lower abdominal bands … How to fully work your abs?

An abs workout couldn’t settle for classic crunches and affirmations. To work the abdominal belt (also called abdominal belt) well you have to think about the obliques, the different fibers like it lower abs that require a lot of bodyweight repetitions to develop… In short, a global project in a program, easy to insert since the abs react well to short but intense sports sessions.

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