what is the practice of fitness jumping?

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what is the practice of fitness jumping?


the jumping fitness, also known as bouncing, is a fun physical activity. It allows you to move the whole body and stimulate the muscles, while having fun. There are many exercises to do on the trampoline, such as abdominals, lunges, knee pads and many other movements, both in the gym with a sports trainer and at home, watching videos on Youtube.

What is fitness jumping?jumping fitness

Jumping fitness is a trend that is sweeping gyms. sport these last few years. Originally from the Czech Republic, this practice consists of exercises that bring athletes back to childhood, when they spent hours playing on a trampoline. Jumping Fitness consists of spending 1 hour doing physical exercises using a trampoline with a bar to maintain balance during complicated movements.

Basically, jumping fitness consists of jumping for 60 minutes, accompanying the jumps with different aerobic movements. The movements are practiced with different rhythms and speeds to keep the body in motion. A jumping fitness session takes place, with the assistance of a trainer, on individual trampolines, with rhythmic background music.

The benefits of fitness jumping

This is’a sport which allows you to do fitness in an original way while having fun with significant benefits. The practice of fitness jumping allows you to activate 400 muscles, which allows you to lose fat quickly and a good toning of the body.

In addition, it is a sport that stimulates the heart and improves the balance of the body. In addition, the fitness jump stimulates the lymphatic system and blood circulation, which helps fight water retention and cellulite, as well as the elimination of toxins from the body.

Finally, the jumping fitness it is a cardio sport, so the level of secreted endorphins is high, which allows you to relax and let off steam, and therefore to fight depression and stress. Without forgetting that this sport allows you to put yourself in a good mood to release the stress of everyday life.

Here are some other benefits of fitness jumping:

  • The trampoline cushions all movements, which makes it a good cardio exercise without impact;
  • During a session, it is possible to burn between 700 and 900 calories.

What accessories for the practice of fitness jumping?

As for everyone types of sports, a minimum of equipment is required to comfortably practice jumping fitness and avoid injuries. First, during the session, you will sweat a lot, so it is best to choose comfortable and breathable fitness clothing. Also remember to choose a good pair of sneakers, they must be light and comfortable. Finally, if you choose to play this sport indoors, you need to invest in a trampoline. It exists in different models, the most suitable is the mini folding trampoline that can be stored anywhere.

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