What are the big fitness trends coming in 2022?

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What are the big fitness trends coming in 2022?


The major fitness trends coming in 2022 are largely the result of the upheavals related to covid-19. Among these, home sessions and the need to regain mental balance permeate new sporting habits.

Another trend: the growing development of technologies leads to an increasingly connected and gamified sporting practice. Are you a fitness enthusiast? Find out what awaits you in 2022.

Fitness in 2022: a true art of living

A healthy mind in a healthy body. In 2022, fitness is seen as a true art of living. After the upheavals caused by the Covid-19 crisis, the need for a return to calm is more than ever felt.

An essential tool for self-realization, sport now includes exercises that promote mental well-being (relaxation, meditation, etc.). Already acclaimed last year, awareness activities is expected to experience a real craze in 2022.

If the concept is not new to America, 2022 should see this phenomenon develop in France. A gym in Paris 20 already combines muscle and emotional training.

On the program, physical transformation, but also analysis of sleep time, healthy nutrition and changes in daily habits. In 2022, fitness rhymes with personal revolution.

Fitness in 2022: when sport comes home

The various confinements have brought new habits in French families. The closure of the gyms and the prolonged periods at home motivated the purchases of personal sports equipment.

Treadmill, elliptical or even Muscle bench press allow you to do your fitness sessions right at home. Now well equipped, the house is expected to register as a new sports venue in 2022.

The other revolution in home sports is brought about by the increase in courses available online. In the digital age, thousands of hours of video are available for free on the Internet. Led by knowledgeable professionals, HIIT, yoga and pilate classes are offered in the lounges.

In 2022 the house is also an extension of the gym. During the confinements, the facilities multiplied the offerings of online courses to provide a remote service.

These videos, reserved for club members, allow you to complete the indoor sessions. If the confinements have allowed sports professionals to investigate the issue, the digital offer is expected to develop strongly in 2022.

Fitness in 2022: need for fresh air

With the development of teleworking, sport has become a real pressure relief valve. The vital need to get out of the rut is to see a growing enthusiasm for outdoor sports.

The practice of running, cycling or even hiking responds to the need to “go out and take a breath of fresh air”. And for good reason.

At the same intensity, an outdoor sports session would bring more benefits compared to an indoor session. Better for mental health and just as good for the body, in 2022 the trend is outdoor.

Fitness in 2022: the importance of sports coaches

2022 fitness trendSports coaches are on the rise in 2022. In videoconferencing, at home or in the gym, personal support is extremely effective. Tailor-made programs and exercises allow you to quickly reach your goals thanks to an approach tailored to your needs.

A sports coach is also an opportunity to benefit from great flexibility. Forget the lessons at set times: this year sport adapts to your commitments!

Another plus: playing sports in a small group or alone with a coach. limits the risk of contamination. As the pandemic struggles to disappear, demand for sports coaches is not expected to weaken in 2022.

Fitness in 2022: the HIIT boom

HIIT (high intensity interval training) is one of the most popular practices in recent years. The evolution of our lifestyles will undoubtedly confirm this trend in 2022.

These high intensity cardio workouts alternate intensive exercises with recovery periods for short periods of time.

These fitness exercises are especially popular with overworked workers. They can be practiced both at home and in the office and take little time. Another plus: the micro workouts they are perfect for fighting a sedentary lifestyle and offer a welcome break in the middle of a busy day at work.

Series of jumping jacks, push-ups or even jumping lunges: HIIT is very effective and allows you to get results quickly.

Fitness in 2022: connected above all!

Watches, fitness trackers, GPS: sport is connected in 2022. Pulse measurement, step calculation or sleep cycle recording provide precise performance tracking appreciated by athletes.

With the development of technologies, many related products are appearing: swimwear to measure the rate of exposure to UV rays, smart mirror to limit the risk of injury during fitness exercises, etc.

While Google, Apple and Samsung are among the major leaders in these technologies, traditional brands are also working on the matter. There is no doubt that 2022 will bring its share of new connected products.

Fitness in 2022: a game like any other

In 2022, the arrival of Generation Z in gyms it brings new trends. Familiar with video games and educated in a world of entertainment, the expectations of the new generations are very different from previous ones. To respond to this evolution, the world of fitness is working closely with that of fashion, music and video games.

In 2022, the trend is therefore towards immersive training. Platforms that combine sports and games are being developed. carpet or bicycles placed in front of a screen they allow you to explore the most beautiful landscapes in the world without leaving your home.

Virtual reality is also making its appearance in sports programs. If technology is only in its infancy, the world of fitness should be experiencing a revolution very soon.

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