the extension of the Covid certificate will take effect this Monday

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the extension of the Covid certificate will take effect this Monday


The Covid certificate extension has been in the air for two weeks. It will be real on Monday. Swiss people will have to introduce the famous sesame if they want to eat inside a restaurant, go to the museum or even attend a concert.

Alain Berset had presented the measure as preventive and hypothetical. Above all, it was a question of being ready in case of need, assured the Minister of Health at the end of August. After postponing last week, the Federal Council finally approved the extension of the health subscription on Wednesday.

The circulation of the virus has seen a slight increase in recent days, he stresses in a statement. A rapid increase in hospitalizations and an overload of the health system cannot be ruled out as autumn approaches. Especially since a large part of the population is not yet immunized.

The extension of the Covid certificate for the over 16 should avoid such a situation. It also aims to combat the spread of the virus without closing factories or banning activities. Valid until January 24, the measure could be lifted earlier if the situation improves.

Fines introduced

However, the government watered down the wine a bit. Political demonstrations, funerals and other religious services will be exempt from the obligation to host up to 50 people, compared to the initial 30. Just like self-help groups. Musical or theatrical rehearsals and sports training for less than 30 people will also be authorized without a certificate.

Sanitary sesame will be required for all other indoor events, such as concerts, theatrical performances or weddings in public places. Outdoors it will be needed for events with more than 1,000 people.

Museums, fitness centers, casinos and other recreation centers will also have to comply with the new measure. Restaurateurs and bar managers will have to apply for the certificate in their locked rooms, but not on their terraces. Catering establishments in the transit areas of airports and popular kitchens will remain accessible to all.

Sanctions have been introduced for non-compliance with the measures. A customer without a certificate will have to pay 100 francs. The offending establishments or organizers will be fined or even closed. The cantons are responsible for the controls.

Certified against mask

The use of the certificate in the professional field has been further clarified. Employers will be able to apply for a health pass, but only if it allows them to define adequate protection measures or to implement a screening plan. If an employer asks his employees for a test, he will have to pay for it out of his own pocket. Only repetitive tests are covered by the Confederation.

Employees must be consulted in advance and the use of the certificate and the resulting actions must be documented in writing. Whenever possible, employers should opt for the “light” version of the pass.

The cantons and higher education institutions can also apply for a health license for bachelor’s or master’s students. Restrictions on room occupancy could therefore be lifted. Sanitary measures, such as wearing a mask, may also fall during events where a certificate is required.

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