One year of imprisonment required on appeal against the youtuber Marvel Fitness, accused of moral harassment

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One year of imprisonment required on appeal against the youtuber Marvel Fitness, accused of moral harassment


French videomaker Marvel Fitness appeared in court again on Tuesday, June 15, for his appeal process after a first-instance sentence, in September 2020, to two years in prison with a one-year suspended sentence for “moral harassment” . The 32-year-old has been accused by several influencers (social media personalities) and a lawyer for committing repeated violent harassment on social media.

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For the first time, he spoke longer before the court about the charges against him. Before the Court of Appeal of Versailles, h “sorry” for not having spoken in the first instance, advised at the time by his lawyer to keep quiet. He has taken the floor to defend himself from any intention of doing harm, wanting to “hear the truth” and stating that they initially only made videos “satirical”.

Marvel Fitness, a sports fan of Ile-de-France, posts YouTube videos about the world of bodybuilding, where he “deconstructed the world of fitness”, in his own words. In particular, he made himself known by criticizing other sports influencers, even making fun of some personalities.

“Neither a satirist nor a troll”

The plaintiffs, including several of these influencers, have denounced repeated attacks, sometimes for several months, and the mobilization, by Marvel Fitness, of its fan community, having also multiplied the insults against them. Laure-Alice Bouvier, lawyer of the civil parties, and herself an actress in the case, denounced during her argument “the violence that started online and spread to every aspect of their lives.” “Marvel Fitness is neither a satirist nor a troll, he’s a stalker! (…) “, She added.” He has repeatedly threatened to destroy me.Aline Dessine, a Belgian influencer, witnessed this in particular.

Aline Dessine accuses the videographer of making a parody video mocking her mental health

Former reality TV candidate, Tristan Defeuillet-Vang, as the court recalled, was assaulted in videos that confronted him with former pornographic actress Céline Tran. On her part, Aline Dessine, who in particular accuses the videographer of calling her a ” crazy “and to have made a video parody mocking his mental health, trusting that he has had dark thoughts on several occasions due to the harassment he suffered.

Harassment of Marvel Fitness Fans

The youtubeur is not only accused of having himself insulted and reiterated: the plaintiffs have also described on social networks the harassment to which they were subjected by “Marvel” fans, while the videographer is accused of regularly encouraging these behaviors and attacks. “I don’t know if he’s aware of it, actually. when you insult someone [sur Internet] we can have people who come to visit us on the street “explained Mr. Defeuillet-Vang.

“Maybe I’m tired of being stepped on,” Tristan Defeuillet-Vang retorted

In the first instance, a symbolic euro was asked, but the plaintiffs are now asking for 100,000 euro in damages each. “Maybe I’m tired of being stepped on”retorted Tristan Defeuillet-Vang, who raised at the hearing the pecuniary damage he attributed to Marvel Fitness, accused of directly attacking customers and the commercial activities of the plaintiffs.

In the first instance, in September 2020, Marvel Fitness was sentenced with a postponement warrant, was jailed immediately after the hearing, then released a few months later after a request for release. On Tuesday evening, the defender general of the court of appeal asked for the same sentence of first instance, asking the judge to confirm the first sentence. “It’s in self-justification, I didn’t hear him take a step towards the victims”esteemed the Advocate General, despite a more reasoned defense of the accused, who admitted that he was harmed in the case.

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“A conflict on the playground”

For its part, the Marvel Fitness defense – which changed attorneys after the first-instance trial – counterattacked. mAnd Juan Branco thus denounced a “conflict on the playground that should not have been brought to court”. “There are contradictions, lies, untruths running through this file”accused the lawyer, who believes that many comments have been truncated or taken out of context. “We accuse him [sur la base d’un extrait vidéo] of wanting to escape the country, while talking about escaping to Wakanda, an imaginary country “, he also clarified. And note as an example screenshot of conversations in the file from which the messages would, according to him, have been deleted.

When outrageous remarks were made, it was, according to the defense, a reaction to the attacks by the civil parties. Influencer Aline Dessine is notably accused of posting a fake intimate photograph of Marvel Fitness on social networks, facts about which the accused filed a complaint in Belgium – the king’s prosecutor confirmed in April that it was possible. the criminal case, according to a court document. The videographer’s defense claims that the attacks on Marvel Fitness came in response to the publication of this fake fucking peak (“photo of the penis”), the defendant considering himself “Dirty on the nets”. Aline Dessine, on the other hand, claims to have posted these images in reaction to the harassment she was already experiencing from Marvel Fitness.

Per the advice of Marvel Fitness, this file is not a case of harassment, but the result of conflicts between influencers. “This story is the pure fruit of the interference [du prévenu] in commercial interests “ civil parties, argued MAnd Branco, referring to the “satirical videos” of youtubeur about the world of fitness, a market in “high rise”.

The Court of Appeal will deliver its ruling on September 28.

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