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Four fit girls to follow on YouTube for summer to come


Easter and its excesses have just ended. Instead of feeling guilty and depressed, it’s the perfect time to (re) start exercising. Since the gyms are still closed, there is only one solution: do it at home. If you don’t know how, hundreds of YouTube channels dedicated to bodybuilding can help you. To allow everyone to evolve at their own pace, fit girls upload shorter or longer videos. The latter share bodybuilding exercises and the content of their dish on social networks. Some even offer free programs. Of course, these sessions only work if the diet is adapted. Focus on four fit girls to follow to find the line.

sissy mu

She is the quintessential French fit girl and one of the oldest on YouTube. In 2012, the young woman went to Brazil and there she discovered fitness. When she got home, she started talking about her on her channel and suggesting exercises. Soon after, Sissy rose to prominence with the Bikini with sissy, a free one-month program available on YouTube. Each year combine cardio exercises and muscle strengthening for 30 minutes. From 5 April the DOWN 7 is available live, three to four times a week and in reruns on the fitness-girl channel. Sparkling, smiling and determined, thanks to her it is impossible to lose sight of her goal. Many have also discovered it during confinement where she was live on Instagram every night. For 40 and 50 minutes, she chained the hits and continued focusing on one part of her body. Two years ago, with her mate Fitwtini, she launched her Train Sweat Eat app, where you can find paid sports sessions and recipe ideas.

Justine Gallice

It is possible to combine sport and humor. And that’s what Justine Gallice does on her YouTube channel. Present on social media since 2014, the fit-girl offers video advice, nutrition and of course bodybuilding exercises. Like Sissy Mua, Justine shared her called fat burner program Sorry zero goal. The promise of him? Burn maximum fat, shape your figure and increase your metabolism. For this, four times a week, for a month, he publishes a half-hour video. The program is available from March 22nd and ends April 17th. For the latecomers, being the sessions on YouTube, it is quite possible to reach them. And the big news this year, Justine has surrounded herself with a yoga instructor to offer Hatha yoga exercises, a practice that is both gentle and invigorating. Justine Gallice is a pedagogue and she explains the movements well. Her hyperactive will love it: the young French girl is bursting with energy and motivation and she always pushes her subscribers beyond their limits. The fitness girl also offers paid programs on the My Fiit Challenge site and is supported by her darling and graduate sports teacher, Thibault Geoffray.

Pamela Reif

Pamela Reif is undoubtedly a reference in the matter. This 24-year-old German has been feeding her YouTube channel since 2013. She posts various sports sessions several times a week. Upper and lower abs, glutes, shoulders, legs, yoga, dance, she is on all fronts. Do not panic for those who do not master either German or English, the young woman offers videos in which she does not speak. Her sessions are very intense and there are no breaks for her. At the same time, Pamela offers videos from 10 to 15 minutes. So between each workout, it is quite possible to take a short break. On her site, the young woman offers free one-week targeted programs with about three videos to watch a day, every day. In addition to her YouTube channel, Pamela recently created her app Pam Fitness and food. You can find all of her videos there for free. It also offers a subscription of € 2.49 per month, for those who also want an unlimited nutritional program.

Cloe Ting

On her Instagram account, Chloe Ting announces the color: “I make people sweat on youtube“And that’s an understatement to say. The young Aussie also offers several videos a week. Her sessions allow you to work on all parts of the body for 10-30 minutes. She also posts dieting and stretching videos. Thanks to a voice. off-screen, Chloe explains the exercises easily. Those who don’t understand English can simply copy the movements. The fit girl proposes challenges to lose her belly or draw abs in just two weeks. On her website, Chloe has created about twenty of sports programs from her YouTube videos. Define your goals and perform recommended sessions every day for about a month. All programs are available for free. Sparkling, the young woman allows everyone in the world, whatever her level, to take shape quickly.

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