Apple Fitness + arrives in 2022 with many new features

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Apple Fitness + arrives in 2022 with many new features


Apple Fitness + is the latest Apple service to arrive in France. By offering sports lessons online, it is reinventing itself to start 2022.

Apple’s on-demand sports service application, called Apple Fitness +, arrived in France a few months ago, but as more and more French people are starting to use this new service coming from Cupertino, now the Apple brand makes it even more interesting and business suit.

It is not uncommon for the start of a new calendar year to rhymes with major updates for applications of all kinds, and Apple is well aware of this. Apple has therefore taken advantage of the transition to 2022 to update a lot of native applications, but also services, including Apple Fitness +.

Training with Apple Fitness + just got easier

As for its sports application, Apple has chosen to add new features to allow more and more users to benefit from the best possible experience. From today, the application will offer users “collections”. It is in fact a training program to achieve a specific goal, for example “run the first 5 km” as Apple explains in its press release.

Another news awaited for this Monday, the arrival of “Time to Run”. While the Apple Watch has already distinguished itself in the past with the “Time to Walk” option that encourages the user to take a significant number of steps in a day, now with Apple Fitness + this option has been changed to give users the want to do running.

Other music workouts

Within each of the episodes, Apple Fitness + top coaches contact you to give you advice and other encouragement during your running session. It must be said that they are good to talk, those who run with you in famous cities like London, Brooklyn or even on the beautiful beaches of Miami.

Finally, the latest innovation allowed by Apple for this new year, the arrival of “Artist Spotlight”. Sports training designed specifically around the music of a particular artist. The rhythm of the training then adapts to the songs. To launch this new formula, Apple already offers training series with the greatest classics of artists such as Ed Sheeran, but also Pharrell Williams or Shakira in addition to the Beatles.

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