Pete Davidson may have made a mistake in his relationship with Kim Kardashian

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Pete Davidson may have made a mistake in his relationship with Kim Kardashian


Pietro davidson He hasn’t learned his lesson when it comes to tattooing significant other people.

We all remember the multitude of tattoos she got while dating and getting engaged Ariana Grande.

And … all those tattoos have been covered up or turned into something else.

He hasn’t learned his tattoo lesson

Pete Davidson holds hands with Ariana Grande

During their whirlwind 2018 relationship, Pete and Ariana got cloud tattoos on their hands.

She got a “Dangerous Woman” themed tattoo to honor the singer’s album cover.

The “SNL” cast member had a bunny ear mask tattooed behind his ear, reminiscent of the mask Grande wore on the cover of his “Dangerous Woman” album.

To celebrate their engagement, both Ari and Pete got “reborn” tattooed on their thumbs. She also got “H2GKMO” tattooed on her right thumb.

The acronym stands for Ariana’s favorite saying: “Honest to God, Knock Me Out”.

Pete changed his Ariana themed tattoos

Pete Davidson al

Pete also has the same French phrase as Ariana, “a thousand tendresses”, on the back of his neck to coordinate with his girlfriend.

As I said, most of these tattoos have been covered or changed all together.

Then there was a time when Pete said he was going to have ALL his tattoos removed.

Clearly, this is no longer the case, as he has a new permanent ink and a brand that refers to his new girlfriend.

Kim Kardashian appeared on “The Ellen Show” with Ellen De Generes this week and talked about her relationship with the comedian.

Kim Kardashian presents SWIM from SKIMS

Ellen adored Kim’s newfound brilliance and attitude, despite having gone through public hell with her ex-husband, Kanye West.

Kim finally went official on Instagram with Pete last week. In the photo, Pete is resting his head in her lap as she bends over him giving him kissed lips.

The “KUWTK” star clearly didn’t know a relationship isn’t official until it’s on the Gram.

Kim and Pete are Instagram officers

“I guess it’s not official until you post on Instagram,” she said before noting that she hasn’t been in a new relationship in years. “I haven’t been out before Instagram existed, so I didn’t know what the rules were,” she said.

Kim is proud of her new relationship and how happy it made her.

“I always encourage my friends and the people I love to just be happy and I went there. I was like, ‘You know what, I’m fucking 40. Sorry. How to try. Find your happiness, “explained Kim.” And like, I went there, and I took my time, and I found it and it’s so beautiful, and I want it to keep it forever. “

Speaking of forever, Kim said Pete has some cute new tattoos.

“Kim’s is not a tattoo. It’s a brand … like a … brand, “he told Ellen.

If you don’t know what “branding” is, it is defined as “the action of marking with an iron”.

Cows are often branded by farmers and ranchers as a way to identify cattle roaming freely in the field, serve to discourage the rustling of livestock, and help return the rustling animals to their rightful owners.

Pete had Kim branded on him so he could never get rid of her

Pete Davidson has Kim's name tattooed on his chest
Instagram / davesirus

Kim explained that he got himself branded “Kim” because he wanted to “do something that was really different”.

He went on to say that he already had one, two … some tattoos in honor of Kim.

His favorite tattoo is the one that says, “My girlfriend is a lawyer”.

Kim went on to explain why she got the mark by saying, “She was like, ‘I want something that’s there that I can’t, you know, get rid of.'”

He is currently in the process of having his arm and neck tattoos removed.

Basically, he was branded so he couldn’t do what he did with Ariana themed tattoos.

Kim finds the brand very nice.

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