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Kanye West Instagram account restricted for public attacks


After Kanye West spent the morning targeting his ex-wife Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend, Pete Davidson, and a slew of other prominent black comedians, including You Daily show guest Trevor Noah – with back-to-back-to-back Instagram posts, the social media platform has restricted his account, RollingStone can confirm.

This was stated by a spokesperson for Meta, the parent company of Instagram RollingStone that West’s @kanyewest account was restricted for 24 hours for repeated violations of the platform’s rules on hate speech, bullying and harassment. West will not be able to post, comment or send direct messages on Instagram for 24 hours. The company also removed content from West’s account in violation of its policies, which included a post containing racist slurs aimed at Noah.

Meta’s spokesperson said the company would consider taking further action if West continues to violate Instagram’s rules. (TMZ was the first to report the news.)

Kanye West reps did not respond immediately RollingStonethe request for comment.

On Wednesday morning, the rapper – who has been using social media to bash Davidson for the past few weeks – shared a 2019 Breitbart article referencing a spirited joke from the comedian about having sex with a baby.

“Yet another reason why SKATE has to stay away from my kids,” he wrote. “Oh and no one noticed that you didn’t show up at SNL because Mr. I can help you with the meds. She had a nervous breakdown after we kicked him off the Internet.” (Davidson has reportedly been away from Live Saturday night during the filming of the upcoming horror movie, The House.)

In that post, he continued: “SKETE you didn’t build for this, I’ve already blacked out the Super Bowl on you … Apologize to your family for being in your family.”

In subsequent posts, he claimed that Davidson would have Kardashian “take drugs” because he is “in rehab every two months.” West also teased Davidson’s Hillary Clinton tattoo, writing “Tramp Stamp Pete the Tramp … here’s the stamp”.

To make matters worse, West has released a screengrab from Claymation’s violent “Eazy” video that depicts Davidson’s decapitated head with flowers growing from it. The caption of him? “You will be ready for Coachella ☠️”, she wrote.

The tirade continued as West targeted Noah, as well as DL Hughley and Davidson’s SNL cast mate, Michael Che, in later posts. West’s wrath against Hughley was sparked by a series of recent Twitter jokes from the comedian, including one in which he joked about 2 the rapper’s divorce from Kardashian. “#Kanye, do you know how awful you have to be to make a white man a #Kardashian date?” Hughley wrote. West responded by posting a photo of Hughley wearing a camouflage jacket and a wide-brimmed hat, with the caption, “This grown man chose this suit alone Is he influential or under the influence ???”

Despite being limited on Instagram, West has yet to post on his other social media profiles to respond to the incident. His Twitter account went dormant after the rapper’s failed presidential candidacy in 2020.

Additional reporting by Noah Shachtman

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