‘BTS Permission To Dance’ Leads Movie Events – Box Office Special – Deadline

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‘BTS Permission To Dance’ Leads Movie Events – Box Office Special – Deadline


bts – specifically Allowing BTS to Dance on Stage – Seoul Live View grossed $6.84 million in North America on Saturday at a per-screen average of over $8,500 from 803 theaters, ranking third at the weekend box office behind Batman as well as unknown.

Overall, it broke the event film record with a worldwide box office gross of $32.6 million. The film was released by Hybe and Trafalgar Releasing to 3,711 theaters in 75 countries/regions for a one-day sold-out limited screening worldwide.

“We are delighted with the record success of this project, not only for Trafalgar Releasing, but for the event film industry as a whole. This is a testament to both the extremely dedicated ARMY fandom and the overall return to theaters on a global scale,” said Mark Allenby, CEO of Trafalgar Releasing.

HYBE 360 President DJ Kim said, “Since the pandemic has made it difficult to access the concert venue, we wanted to provide an opportunity for fans to come together and watch the concert together. We are excited to offer fans an alternative experience to enjoy the concert live.”

The film was a much-needed boost to the US box office. Tickets for the two shows on Saturday were sold for a premium price of $35. The concert was broadcast live, but with a delay in some regions, including the US, due to time differences.

The event was the first stage concert of a popular group in South Korea in front of a live audience since 2019. Permission To Dance On Stage is BTS’ latest series of world tours and Hybe and Trafalgar’s fourth global title with pop icons, including 2018. Burn the Stage: The Movie2019 Bring the Soul: The Movie and 2020s Break the Silence: The Movie.

bring soul, which collected approx. Trafalgar’s $24.3 million for its two-week limited theatrical release is the previous world record for cinematic events, according to Trafalgar.

Radhe Shyam, which Deadline also set aside on Friday came at 6th at the North American box office with $1.8 million from 800 screens, enough for an Indian release. The Telugu-Hindi period romantic drama is distributed by Great India Films along with Alerion. The genre helped fill in the gaps in a slow release period for specialty products with a steady stream of products and a loyal audience. These films are shown at all major venues and exhibitors are looking forward to a major event in Indian cinema. RRR later this month.

All my friends hate me by Super opened with $37,188 in 27 locations for a per-screen average of $1,377.

Documentary I’m here from Blue Fox Entertainment grossed $24,878 from 82 theaters for $303 in ads.

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