Women and Bitcoin: those who aim to save are on the rise

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Women and Bitcoin: those who aim to save are on the rise


A search of the digital bank N26 confirms that the main motivation that would drive women to invest means increasing their long-term savings. The range of female investors on the rise is between 35 and 44 years old e among the assets most chosen by women are Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies with 26%.

Women and Bitcoin: N26 research figures

In accordance with reportedit would seem that the number of female investors has multiplied over the years, with 41% wishing to increase their long-term savings, 40% aiming for the financial security of the family and 29% wanting to increase their capital quickly.

With these reasons, women are increasingly open to capital markets and investments. The range of investors who seem more inclined to invest is just that between 35 and 44 years old.

These women say they plan to double the amount allocated to investments, respect that of the past. In this range, there are also those who are not yet investing, but who say they are open to doing so in the future. Here, these women say they would probably consider the real estate sector (29%), followed by cryptocurrencies (26%) and banking products (23%).

Then there are reasons that, instead, block some interested women to investments. The survey indicates that 33% of women say they are uncertain about their future financial stability, 32% say they do not have sufficient knowledge of the market and 15% speak of a lack of confidence in investment products.

bitcoin women
In Italy, the number of female bitcoin owners has tripled

Women and crypto: the numbers in Italy

In Italy, 72% of women who already invest say that in 2022 they plan to increase their monthly sum. And in fact, among the Italian women who are already investing, the 76% feel confident to make decisionsi in this context, 55% say they are sufficiently informed about financial instruments, while only the youngest between 18 and 24 years old do not seem sufficiently informed.

About that, Paula Mariannei, Director of User Experience at N26 says:

“The research clearly demonstrates that there are so many opportunities for women in the area of ​​financial investments. It’s great that women are also starting to think about and evaluate the best tools to grow their wealth. For N26, it is a priority to contribute proactively to this process, by facilitating dialogue with our customers and by creating ever more inclusive savings and investment management tools”.

The manager also reveals how theThe percentage of women holding Bitcoin has tripled in the last three years and that, however, the percentage of men is still six times higher.

Financial management in pink

Two years ago, still N26, he would have released one of his study with regard to the finance management in pinkalready stating that Italian women are more organized on the savings front and manage their finances more consciously and efficiently than masculine.

At the time, the research was conducted on a group of Italian women between the ages of 16 and 64, concluding that 81% of Italians plan their annual financial goals and 84% also manage to achieve them.

N26 was founded in 2013 and has 7 million customers worldwide.


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