we are running towards 6 thousand euros more per year

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we are running towards 6 thousand euros more per year


The savings cannot wait any longer, they must come now and also be very substantial. What if we told you that it is possible to have a return of 6 thousand euros per year?

Being able to save and increase the bank account while the price increases go crazy may seem like a utopia but it is a real possibility.

savings of 6 thousand euros
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Patience, determination, awareness and knowledge are the key words of the economic success. We are not talking about high finance or big business maneuvers, but about optimize expenses be able to recover up to 500 euros per month. We are talking about six thousand euros more per year, a figure for which it is necessary to check the expenses and to manage the family budget. The need is felt more when surrounded by augmentations of all kinds, from fuel to light, from gas to food. The little pig is crying and the wallet begs for mercy, to drive away this bad nightmare you need to know strategies to be implemented not tomorrow but today.

Savings start with budget management

know exactly monthly expenses processing means being able to manage them better, managing to grasp the details of guaranteed savings. let’s start food shopping, main theme in Italian families, especially in those where there are adolescent children that, in comparison, piranhas are harmless animals when they pounce on prey. Buying advice concerns the weather where you go to the supermarket, after eating to avoid unnecessary shopping caused by hunger, and research of the best offers. To save money, do not give in to habit and change stores if there are better promotions. Also, it is good to buy bulk products, healthier yet satisfying and, of course, cheaper. The mark is not always a sign of superior quality.

If you have a market in your city it is better to buy seasonal fruits and vegetables there because the prices will certainly be lower than in large stores. So beware of excessive stocks – like those of the current days – because food spoils if it is not consumed by the expiry date and it will then be necessary, throw it with the money spent.

Strategies continue

As we move away from the food sector, we move on to that of electricity, gas and water. Attention at home should be especially predisposed to saving. Tiny known precautions and never followed – turning off the light when leaving an empty room, turning off the tap if not in use, maintaining the appliances, respecting the most favorable time slots for connecting washing machines and dishwashers – must become a daily habit to positively affect bills. Assessing a change of manager is therefore advice to be taken seriously, especially if there are interesting offers of frozen prices.

How not to talk about the related costs to the bank and the car. Online accounts have significantly lower fees, for example, than traditional accounts. As for the car, then, the search for one can be an opportunity to save cheapest insurance company. It would be just as efficient to be able to leave the car in the garage much more often and to get around on foot, by bike or by public transport to avoid the cost of fuel. We end with other expenses that can be reduced, those of clothing. With theand commission-free sales and purchase applications it will be possible not only to earn on clothes that are no longer used but still in excellent condition, but also to change your wardrobe by spending much less than expected.

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