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The beginning of this year 2022 it manifested in absolutely the worst way. The announced end of the pandemic, which is far from over, led in the first months of 2022 to a reckless increase prices of basic necessities and services. All of this is the result of dynamics not necessarily linked to the Covid but which have certainly contributed to making the situation of many Italian families extremely delicate. Then the war this contributed to aggravate the situation general.

Fuel for the stars: the solution is there, just one click
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Among the things that most impressed Italian families and not only there has certainly been an increase in the prices of electricity and gas bills. Increases which, in some cases, have even almost doubled the amounts. An absolutely dramatic situation for whom barely arrives at the end of the month. The light and gas that contributed most to widening this gap between what was thought to happen in 2022, i.e. recovery in all sectors and what really happened and is still happening.

The beginning of the war in Ukraine, it contributed to a reckless increase in fuel prices, a dynamic that was already heading towards the current situation in the previous weeks. This has definitely given the deathblow to Italian families who have seen the price of fuel even reach the threshold of 3 euros between diesel and petrol, something absolutely never imagined before. In short, the situation is at the limit and anyway the same citizens try when possible to sip their own drink. Clearly who is obligated for professional reasons to use the car has no choice but to consider other hypothetical savings.

Fuel to the stars, the app offers the solution: here are the most practical on the web

The only solution feasible for those who have no other alternative to using the car is certainly to try to save as much as possible on the price of the same gasoline or diesel. In short, the possibilities may be limited to identifying the fuel pumps that apply less substantial amounts. Where can these gas pumps be found? Certainly not in city centers and not on highways. However, everything can be solved using special tools which can help in some situations.

The offer is certainly not lacking and we can identify at least 4 apps which can really guide the user to convenience. We are clearly talking about downloadable applications both on Google Play Store and Apple Store. The small platforms in question only constantly monitor the price of fuel, clearly taking our area of ​​residence as a reference. In addition, with the collaboration of the users themselves, it will be possible to have an always updated image of those who are fuel selling priceall in real time.

To report absolutely “Gasoline Prices” which precisely re-proposes the previously held discourse of collaboration between individual users. Everyone is willing to update the same app based on their experience. The companies analyzed these are clearly the best known but also the “no logo” or those belonging to underage managers. “WazeWaze” rather, it’s a real satellite navigator owned by Google, also compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. In this case, we are faced with an application well updated able to provide the proposed price in real time big oil companies.

“iFuel” is another simple and intuitive app that does its job well by updating the browser with updated prices around it. Finally one of the most famous of all with great probability “Via Michelin”. We speak with absolute certainty of a pioneering application in the sector. Already in web version for many decades, the platform helps to facilitate travel for millions of Italians, with all the necessary information. In short, everything is largely manageable in this certainly not pleasant situation. for millions and millions of Italians. Apps can help but it is clear that we hope with all our heart that this situation, this war and these price increases will pass as soon as possible.

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