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the method to find full pockets without too many sacrifices


Here is a very useful way to save: I teach you 5 tips that will change your life and can save you a lot of money!

Never like this period that we live in has seen in the most absolute way the family focus on savings: two years have passed since the start of the pandemic and many families still manage to make ends meet with many hardships, sipping on their savings to be able to pay rent/mortgage, bills and basic necessities.

method to save
Here’s a super effective way to feel the savings at the end of the month!

Many set themselves the goal of saving, unfortunately few really know how to go about it. But now we change music! There is actually a very precise method composed of 5 easy, fun and very intuitive steps. You don’t need to put in place who knows what targeted strategies, all it takes is a pinch of cunning to makesing card‘and everything will come by itself.

So why not discover together the method of 5 to save a lot of money by arriving at the end of the month with a sigh of relief? We guarantee it, it will change your life!

Let me introduce you to the 5 ways to save: follow these simple steps and at the end of the month you will notice the difference!

Even if for the moment saving seems almost impossible, especially with the increase in bills which at the moment sees an increase of more than 131%, it is necessary to set short-term, but very effective objectives (click here to learn how to deal with high bills). We are coming from Mammastyle today we want to teach you the method of 5, or rather follow a few simple steps that will make us set aside a nice nest egg from the first month. Why don’t we discover together?

how to save money
Remember never to go shopping on an empty stomach: you will be hit by hunger by buying unnecessary food
  • First step: set a small starting amount to put in a classic envelope, every day for 2 weeks. You don’t necessarily have to choose a high sum, 10 euros and a calculator in hand are enough. By keeping 10 euros a day for 15 days, for a total of about 3 months we will have saved 450 euros which will be useful in case of difficulty or emergency. By following this method 6 months a year we will set aside 900 euros instead.
  • Second step: calculate expenses based on your daily salary. For example, if you were surprised by a new appliance in the store and you have an urge to buy it, divide the actual cost by your daily income. A practical example? If you work for 20 euros an hour and a fryer costs 100 euros, you already know that you will have to work exclusively for this purchase 5 hours.
  • Third step: wait 24 hours for a purchase. If you usually buy a product on a whim, whether it’s an appliance, an electronic device or something else, ask yourself over the course of an entire day if this purchase is essential right now. In most cases this is not the case and you could save a lot of money.
  • Fourth step: don’t stop at your salary. Many people can easily make ends meet, pay their mortgage, rent, and bills, and go penniless for several years. This is why you can consider opening a pension fund or investing a small monthly sum so that in 10/20 years it can be tripled or quadrupled.
  • Fifth step: start choosing a weekly savings figure. For example, if you don’t want to save too much, but just the right amount to allow yourself additional outings at the end of the month, you can set yourself a micro budget of 20 euros per week, which in one month is equivalent to 80 euros, to spend as you see fit without resorting to the money for major expenses, or keep putting it aside to get a nice nest egg.
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