The “economies” of politics: the heating turned down and the lights turned off

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The “economies” of politics: the heating turned down and the lights turned off


Turn off the lights, lower the heating, take shorter showers: the emancipation of Russian gas also goes through the living room.

Because we are not yet in a “war economy”, as Prime Minister Mario Draghi says, nor in the rationing of gas, but to free ourselves as quickly as possible from the vice around the neck of the supply of Putin, you also have to go through behavior. Thus the Minister for the Ecological Transition Roberto Cingolani is relaunching initiatives, such as the “I light up less” campaign, which goes in this direction: “This historic moment makes us aware of the importance of reducing waste. Saving energy is an intelligent behavior, respectful towards those less fortunate than us and a pillar of the ecological transition”. The data speaks for itself: 38% of the methane used in Italy comes from Russia, consumption is due to 30% for heating and 70% for industry and power plants. One degree less in domestic radiators would save 5% of current consumption, with 4 degrees less (18 degrees) it would save 5 billion cubic meters, equivalent to two months of Russian supply .

Thus the “symbolic” initiatives of public bodies and institutions are multiplying to set an example in this direction. The lights of the Quirinal, of the Trevi fountain in Rome, of the royal palace of Caserta, of the citadel of Assisi and even of the Italian pavilion at the Dubai expo go out.

In Rome, the Municipality announces a savings plan which provides for the lowering of the temperature by two degrees in public buildings and private condominiums, and the advance of one or two weeks for stopping the heating. “We are working to reduce the impact for the municipal coffers: an additional cost of 50 million has been estimated due to the crisis”, explains the mayor of the capital Gualtieri. Similar initiatives are being studied in many other municipalities, from Bologna to Venice via Bari. dictator who massacres Ukrainians. Saving energy is also an aid to kyiv’s resistance”.

The Senate also announces its intention to contribute to the effort to reduce energy consumption: “As of next Monday – announces the College of Quaestors – the starting time of the heating systems that it will bring will be reconfigured, taking into account of the offices of all the structures of Palazzo Madama , for a total saving of 100 hours per week. In the meantime, Enea distributes a guide of all the measures and investments to save energy “up to 10% of the bill”: from the replacement of light bulbs (with LEDs you get up to -85% consumption) to the adoption of a maximum temperature of 20 degrees when the systems are off (PC included) when leaving. and the adoption of the heat pump system lead to a reduction of almost half of the costs.

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