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the cheapest vending machines in Ravenna and tips to save on full


The fuel price race continues. The rise in the price of gasoline in recent weeks has led everyone to reassess the use of personal means of transport. And among those who have started to travel by public transport or by bicycle – here we tell you about the choice of a man who abandoned his car for 10 years – we are all now wondering how to save money.

The cheapest distributors in the region and the most expensive

GAS – According to the prices reported by the ‘Prezzibenzina’ app updated on March 16, in Ravenna the cheapest gas station is the one by Natali Gino on the Romea (€2.106 per litre), on a par with Tamoil from viale Allende. Eni follows via Faentina 19 (2,114 euros per litre) and Beyfin via delle Maone (2,119 euros per litre). Just above the Coil of Piazza Caduti (2,140 euros per litre), on a par with the three Q8s of via Naviglio, on the Adriatic (km 155,178 north) and on the Classicana to the south (2,149 euro per litre).

METHANE – Methane prices have also skyrocketed, in some cases even exceeding gasoline prices. Always second application, in Ravenna, the cheapest methane distributor is that of Natali Gino sulla Romea (2,388 euros per litre). It costs 2,390 euros per liter at Eni on Faentina, as well as at Cpb di Savio (formerly Repsol) via Romea sud 53. It rises to 2,395 euros per liter at Eni on Viale Europa.

Saving tips

A few tricks to try to save as much as possible can certainly be put into practice. The first is simply to fill up at the most convenient pump. In this case, technology comes to our aid. For some years there have been apps developed for smartphones (in most cases available for iOS and Android users) that report real-time fuel prices in real time (see list below). Another way to save on refueling is simply to consume less. Like, how? Not only by trying to take the car as little as possible (which is also good for our health), but by adopting a less aggressive driving style.

The advice is to accelerate gradually, avoiding hard braking and unnecessary gear changes. On board it is advisable to keep a moderate load, avoiding carrying objects (perhaps heavy) that could easily be left at home. The air conditioner can strongly absorb fuel consumption, reaching up to 10% on the highway and 25% in the city. It’s a driving style that many are already adopting, while other drivers have so far been less concerned with saving money. Precisely for the latter, now is more than ever a good time to change your driving style.

Therefore, it is advisable to try to drive smoothly, avoiding pulling gears and exceeding 2500 / 3000 rpm of the engine. The simple fact of favoring high gears can save us 10% fuel. Tire pressure is also important: if the tires are not inflated to the correct point, they wear between 1% and 2% more. Without forgetting that when possible, the car should be left at home: if we only have to walk a few hundred meters, it is advisable to walk them. This will benefit our bodies and also the environment, as well as our wallets.

Apps to compare prices

Reverting to distributor’s choice – as reported Today it – technology comes to our aid and there are specific applications for smartphones that can guide us in the choice:

  • Gas Prices: Available for Android and iOS and featuring a website, this is by far one of the most popular apps of its kind. Inside you will find the list of distributors with the corresponding fuel prices, updated in real time
  • Fuelio: available for Android and iOS, this application through interaction with Google Maps, Drive and Dropbox, monitors mileage, consumption and fuel prices. It also has reminder functions to track costs
  • Fuel Flash: available for Android users, displays prices for over 60,000 gas stations in Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Portugal and Spain
  • Gaspal: Available for Android and iOS, it allows you to know the price of all gas stations in a few seconds and guides you in navigating to the chosen distributor. It also allows you to record and track your fuel expenses
  • Ecomotors: Available for Android and iOS and a site, this application displays the map of methane and LPG distributors as well as those of electric columns, indicating the most advantageous prices
  • IlPieno2: available for Android, this is a useful app for tracking vehicle refueling and maintenance costs, but has recently added the function to find the cheapest distributors in Italy, France, Spain, Germany and Austria
  • BenzinLitre: Available for Android, it displays the cheapest prices for LPG, petrol, diesel, methane and electricity.


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