the account that earns you interest and saves you money

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the account that earns you interest and saves you money


ControCorrente is the Bank account of IBL Banca which differs from traditional current accounts by several advantageous characteristics, the main one being convenience and the savings carefully to also preserve the environmentthrough, for example, a 100% paperless service and the choice to manufacture debit cards in biodegradable material. In addition, IBL Banca participates in LifeGate Plasticless® to help fight the pollution of our seas by plastic and microplastics.

The advantages of ControCorrente are summarized in guaranteed interestmonthly fee reset to zerofirst six months free, without neglecting the digital services. The special promotion valid until April 30, 2022 includes a gross annual rate of 0.50% for six months – for an average annual stock of more than 20,000 euros. The gross rate is then 0.30%. All information is available on

Why is ControCorrente a different and complete account?

Against a current, unlike the market, it is a current account that accrues interest, which varies according to the average annual balance. Interest allows you to get one remunerationand also from offset expenses. It is available in 4 packets to meet different needs. Fees differ by package and may be reduced to zero. In addition, for the first six months, the fees are free.

Another great advantage is that of full scanas long as Against a current can be activated in minutes in linethankfully via Spid, and day-to-day operations can be fully managed via Internet banking or on the go with theIBL E-Bank app, avoiding a huge waste of paper. The account is also complete with all the most advanced payment services, which simplifies and speeds up many everyday operations.

Finally, the debit cards associated with ControCorrente are made in biodegradable materialfurther proof of IBL Banca’s commitment to offer a tangible contribution to improving the health of our planet, on which the health of each of us also depends.

ControCorrente digital services: flexibility, security and speed

Among distinctive elements Of Against a current then arises the possibility of personalize your browsing experience and carry out all operations – such as transfers, payments, mobile phone recharges and much more – securely thanks to IBL access codethe software token that allows you to access the Reserved Area securely and sure.

Innovation is also linked to next-generation services for i digital paymentsWhere:

  • Clickto send money to Italy and Europe using just the recipient’s mobile number or email;
  • Pay at ATMfor online or in-store purchases and money transfers with the possibility of Cashback up to 5%;
  • mobile payment services for payments via smartphone and the possibility of integrating Pay Apple, Pay Samsung And Google Pay.

Finally, the fees can be reduced to zero if the average monthly balance exceeds a certain threshold or by carrying out other operations, such as crediting salary or pension on ControCorrente or activating products offered by IBL Banca (salary linked to salary, TFS advance, etc.). ).

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