Savings in times of inflation: at 7:30 p.m. follow the event “Looking into the future”

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Savings in times of inflation: at 7:30 p.m. follow the event “Looking into the future”


Strong repercussions on the economy of the current international context, with some that we are already experiencing, such as the high cost of energy, others are beginning to appear on the horizon, particularly on the export front.

A difficult context which aggravates a delicate economic situation, with an increasingly structural return of inflation to levels not seen for decades and interest rates which are nevertheless very distant. What can the saver do with the mountain of cash they have accumulated during the pandemic?

This question is the leitmotif of the event entitled “Looking to the futureā€ organized by Banca Mediolanum, Thursday 10 March from 7.30 p.m. then live broadcast on the Wall Street Italia websiteof, as well as on the Banca Mediolanum website and its social channels, to help savers read and interpret the current context and protect their savings from elements that, in the best of cases, cause them to lose their Power purchases, at worst, can create huge losses.

Event guests

The event is attended by eminent personalities of the Italian economy, such as Carlo Cotarelliacademic, as Stefano Casellivice-rector of the Bocconi University of Milan, professor Vittorio Emanuele Parsi of the Sacred Heart Catholic University of Milan and Professor Marina Broguifrom La Sapienza University in Rome, with testimonials from entrepreneurs who are trying to do business despite everything. Massimo DorisCEO of Banca Mediolanum, will give the point of view of a fallen banker, while Stefano Volpatocommercial director of Banca Mediolanum, will help us raise our sights towards a medium-term horizon.

We live a unique historical moment. Two years after the outbreak of the pandemic, the data tells us that we are taking the exit, but for the past few weeks we have entered an equally dangerous and tragic tunnel, on a humanitarian level, with potential global drifts, the war of Russia – Ukrainian conflict. A moment that creates strong international tensions and aggravates an already complicated economic situation.
Since the second half of last year, inflation has appeared, which in a few months has reached levels not seen for decades, so much so that the central banks have tried to raise interest rates to contain the effects. First of all, the erosion of cash parked in current accounts, which in Italy reached record levels, more than 1,850 billion out of a financial heritage of 4,800 billion. It is urgent to find an alternative capable of enhancing the savings of Italians, set aside with so much effort.

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