Post office: environmental protection, savings in the offices of the island – Sardinia

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Post office: environmental protection, savings in the offices of the island – Sardinia


International Day of Energy Saving is celebrated tomorrow

(ANSA) – CAGLIARI, FEBRUARY 17 – International Day for Energy Savings is celebrated tomorrow. The anniversary was instituted on February 16, 2005, on the occasion of the entry into force of the Kyoto Protocol, to save the planet from the damage of climate change.

Poste Italiane, in accordance with the general principles that define a development compatible with the protection of the environment, confirms its policy of environmental sustainability aimed at promoting initiatives and culture of environmental protection and is committed to achieving the objective of become a net-zero carbon company in 2030.

Also in Sardinia, the company continues to implement a series of energy efficiency projects that have already produced excellent results.

One of the initiatives currently being implemented is the “Led Project”, which provides for the replacement of lighting bodies with fluorescent lamps with LED technology, in order to facilitate the reduction (approximately 50%) of electricity consumption and the saving of maintenance costs linked to the longer duration in hours of the lighting bodies. Over the past two years, 108 Sardinian offices have been involved in the program and this initiative has produced an annual saving of around 730,000 kWh and a reduction of 630 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions in the region.

The replacement of fossil fuel heat generators (gas or diesel) with electric heat pump systems is also part of the projects launched in Sardinia. The interventions already carried out in Cabras during 2021 and in Aritzo in recent days, in addition to those that will be carried out during 2022 in Bosa and Tortolì, will produce, when fully operational, a reduction of approximately 11 tons per year of CO2 emissions. The installation of photovoltaic systems is also planned in the offices of the Post Office, as well as other initiatives aimed at significantly reducing the environmental impact.

To achieve sustainability goals, Poste Italiane recently introduced the new professional figure of EGE (Energy Management Expert), who deals with the energy efficiency of the company’s offices. Managing the modernization process in Sardinia is Danilo Ferrarelli, who also coordinates the work in Lazio, Abruzzo and Molise: “Environmental protection – he comments – is a priority that the Poste Italiane group has introduced in its code of ethics, in which it undertakes to promote, within its own structures, a rational use of resources and attention to the search for innovative solutions to ensure a reduction in the environmental impacts generated by its activities”. (HANDLE).